The most stressful part about the holidays is the cards (okay, the large crowds at the mall may top this). But seriously, it is no easy task to pick out the right card for everyone on your list. You have to make sure it looks cute, is personal, has the right message, then you have to WRITE IT OUT — the list goes on. Card stores only have so many options, but you know what has endless options and does all the work for you with the added convenience of not having to get out of your sweatpants? The Internet, that’s what. We rounded up 15 of the best online card services out there. From apps to websites, your card creativity will have no boundaries.

1. Paperless Post: This website is one of our favorites, as the company has a variety of card collections designed by The New Yorker, J.Crew, Crate and Barrel and more. With customization options ranging from specialized fonts, suggested greetings or adding the logo of your business, we have a feeling the lucky recipients of these beauties will be placing them in a prominent spot on the mantel (or fridge). Available to send electronically or in print (guess they aren’t completely paperless), your card will certainly place you on the nice list. (Free on iOS)

2. Celebrations: This company focuses primarily on party invites, but they have gorgeous holiday cards as well. Our favorite part — other than the overall look, of course — is the ability for guests to RSVP directly through the e-card. Another perk: Raise some money for charity by making your party a ticketed event. With digital options from a basic email to a webpage, your friends may be more impressed by your holiday invite than your wedding one.

3. Red Stamp: These cards are all about personalization, with a dash of playful design. Add images, additional copy and as much information as desired for your holiday party. Then submit, kick back and relax with some hot chocolate (go ahead and spike it). Card shopping is hard work. (Free on iOS and Android)

4. punkpost: These sassy cards are brilliant. And we love punkpost’s personal touch of handwriting — yes, the company will handwrite and send out your cards for you, which means you could potentially “write” all of your holiday cards during your lunch break. Um, genius. (And how awesome that our own Alexis is the co-founder of this crazy cool co?!).

5. Treat: This card company (part of Shutterfly) lets you add personal moments from the past year and turn them into beautiful, bright cards your friends and family will be gazing at throughout the holidays. Get a little funky with a trimmed card and nab prime real estate on all of your friends’ fridges. (Free on iOS)

6. Ink: This app allows you to send personalized greetings in various ways straight from your phone. Ink goes down the traditional greeting card route with quirky designs and customization through adding photography. With an easy-to-use app, you will be shooting off holiday cards in no time. (Free on iOS and Android)

7. Smilebox: Choose to go the digital or printable route with this company when personalizing your holiday cards. You can either go minimal with plain text and a modern design or get epic with your card and make a collage for your favorite season. (Free on iOS)

8. Tiny Prints: These cards have a lot of customizable options when it comes to adding your photos from around the web (cough, Instagram), or in your private collection. All you have to do is add photos and copy, and the rest is left to Tiny Prints. (Free on iOS)

9. Postagram: Totally forgetting about sending out holiday cards is a bummer. Make quick, last-minute postcards to send out in a snap (or from your Instagram, Facebook and camera roll library) to prevent that guilty conscience. Postagram even sends cards throughout the world, the perfect reason to reconnect with your study abroad friend in France this holiday season. (Free on iOS and Android)

10. Punchbowl: This company makes their e-cards look as real as e-cards can get by sending them in digital envelopes. If you want to get personal, you totally can by customizing the envelope liner and creating digital stamps. Even send a gift card with these cute pieces, crossing off yet ANOTHER thing on your list this year. (Free on iOS)

11. Cardstore: This site is just like stepping into your favorite card shop, but online. It has options you would find in person with the benefit of not having to actually swing by the store. Head here and get your card customized and shipped with a couple of clicks. (Free on iOS and Android)

12. Touchnote: This app lets you send a holiday postcard, perfect for the holiday traveler. Easily snap a picture at your favorite landmark (or foreign boutique) and make all your family and friends jealous of your holiday adventures. (Free on iOS and Android)

13. justWink: If you prefer to send a quirky and playful card for the holidays, then this app is the one to use. Filter through the various categories, personalize your message — and add a selfie if you’re feeling it — then send away with the click of your iPhone button. (Free on iOS and Android)

14. Martha Stewart Craft Studio: Everyone knows Martha doesn’t play around with creativity, especially when it comes to cards. That’s why her app is only available on the iPad — you get the full digital experience of creating a card for your loved ones. The app is so intuitive you may feel like you stocked up at the local craft store to work at your craft table. (Free on iOS)

15. Felt: This iPad/iPhone app is a MUST for the digitally savvy handwritten card traditionalist. The seamless process involves picking a design, choosing an ink color to write with and crafting your handwritten note (with images or even drawings). Then once you’re done, Felt does the envelope packing and sends your handwritten holiday card to the ones that matter to you most. (Free on iOS)

Now it’s time to get comfy with some blankets, your laptop (or phone/tablet) and your creativity, as it may take awhile to pick the perfect cards. At least you aren’t stuck in a crowded card shop.

Which online card outlet is your go to? Let us know in the comments below.