Honesty is always the best policy. We like to keep it real in all things, whether it’s motivational wall art or just being straight up about how much we rely on wine to function properly. Truth is, if you’re afraid to say it, everyone’s probably already thinking it. In honor of that, we proudly bring you 12 gifts from the B+C Shop that aren’t afraid to tell you like it is.


1. Less Whine More Wine T-Shirt ($24): Here’s looking at you, 2016. The world would be a better place if we could just get everyone to live by these words.


2. It Girl Rebel Bobby Pin ($12): Pull it all together with a bobby pin that says you sure as hell don’t follow the rules.

Shop_Spring_Tees_075 (1)

3. Rap Music T-Shirt ($24): Thanks, rap music, for making hustlas out of all of us. We owe you one.


4. Wine Breakfast Tote ($25): The snark is strong with this one. This is a perfect tote for strolling around town or paying a visit to the farmers’ market.


5. Tacos Wool Felt Pennant ($25): No matter how bad it gets, always remember: There’s no bad mood that can’t be cured by tacos.


6. Pizza and Pasta Prints ($44): If you’re a glutton for gluten, you’re gonna want these prints. You know you can trust a guy whose name also sounds like a pasta dish.


7. Strong Cup of Coffee Print ($16): Skip the self-help books: The secret to success is spelled out right here.


8. Master Plan Print ($30): These prints are no-frills and let the world know you’ve got something up your sleeve.


9. Dogs Before Dudes Tee ($35): It’s better you learn this now. Dudes come and go, but dogs are forever.


10. I like Food T-Shirt ($24): Here’s an icebreaker for ya. It may be a slight understatement, and we think everyone can see eye-to-eye here.


11. Down for Tacos Tee ($34): Don’t be surprised when you make lots of friends because of this shirt. At the very least, high-fives are coming.


12. Namastay Phone Case ($40): Nothing is more relaxing than yoga. Oh, actually, doing nothing is way more relaxing.

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