Seriously, 2016 is so close, you can practically see it — oh hey, new year! The transition between calendar years is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year and to pump yourself up to make this one better. To help you make 2016 the best year ever, we’re sharing some of our most motivational and non-cheesy-but-seriously-inspirational pieces of wall art that will give you all the good vibes in the new year.

1. Hustle, Darling Print ($17): This poster has the stern, yet sweet ability to motivate you. Firm direction followed by a heartwarming term of endearment is the pinnacle of motivation.

2. Give Good Energy Decal ($12): From water bottles to computers and cars, there really isn’t a place that this decal doesn’t suit. The world is out there, waiting for you to fill it with your light. This decal reminds you to get to it.

3. Explore, Discover, Dream Hoop Set ($50): Whether you decide to display these mega inspirational hoops as a set or scatter them around your place, one thing is certain: your home style points will soar and you’ll spread good vibes to anyone who sees them.

4. Make Me Write Some Words Notebook ($12): When your writing streak is on (and particularly if you’re feeling a little cheeky), this notebook is the perfect place to store your thoughts. Thank you, DMX, thank you.

5. You’re Soy Amazing Candle ($18): You deserve it! Buy this candle for yourself and soak up its succulent scent and motivational words every time you light it.

6. Success Happens Decal ($12): Success doesn’t happen overnight, it happens over many, many nights of back-breaking and painstaking work towards building your dreams. This decal celebrates the necessity (and rewards) of hard work.

7. Exciting Future Decal ($12): And don’t you forget it. Even when it seems dreary, this decal will remind you that there’s so much more out there, and that unexpected awesomeness is around every corner.

8. C.S. Lewis Quote Notebook ($12): C.S. Lewis is the man, and you can sport his whimsical and well-written words of wisdom everywhere you go with this beauty of a notebook.

9. Carpe Diem Print ($32): This mega chic, gold-lettered print will inspire you to both live in the moment and live it up every time you see it.

10. Do Awesome Stuff Pennant ($25): There’s really no reason to do anything else. Whatever awesome means, get out there and get it done, girl! This pretty felt pennant will remind you too, in case you ever forget.

11. Mind Over Matter Print ($15): When the goin’ gets tough… get out there and get it done, girl! This chic print will remind you, in case you ever forget.

What words of wisdom are your guiding mantra for 2016? Share with us on Twitter!