Indie-inspired clothing brand WildFox is about to make all our honeymoon dreams come true — with lingerie that is subtle, sexy and perfect for your wedding night. They’re taking a slightly retro approach to their lingerie, with fewer clasps and garters and more dainty pullovers and soft lace.

honeymoon 7

All these romantic details are perfect for the most romantic day (or night) of you life. We couldn’t be happier about this more traditional, comfortable lingerie that makes us feel more soft and feminine. So, if your big day is coming up — and even if it’s not — take a peek at what the fine folks at WildFox have dreamt up to make your nights a little more dreamy.

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honeymoon 10
honeymoon 3

Pink roses and satin hangers are what honeymoons are all about. We are seriously sold on these lacy details and soft makeup. WildFox, come style our weddings, please.

honeymoon 4
honeymoon 8

We can’t decide — tell us which your favorite wedding look is!