Here’s the scene. You got engaged just before the holidays (or maybe even on New Year’s Eve itself!) and now, yes now, it’s time to get real. Hunting down the perfect venue, figuring out what kind of dress you want and building your guest list are all at the top of the to-do list. Well, we’ve got news for you. There are a few more things you should probably add to that list ;)

We’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to put together a go-to guide of 10 must-dos before you say I do. Mazel tov!


1. Make a Wedding Website: Keep all the details of your wedding organized and your guests in the know by creating a website for your wedding. Our wedding website app, Weduary, is just the thing you need. Weduary makes it easy for any couple to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. Created by the crew here at Brit + Co, Weduary is designed with a DIY spirit in mind — you can personalize your entire site, from the domain name to your registry info to a custom color palette. It’s sort of like Tumblr, but for wedding sites. Easy to use, social and pretty darn good-looking. Last year, we announced an even more slick component of the registry section. In addition to mixing and matching experiences, charitable donations and more, you can also embed a custom Target Wedding Registry right on your site.


2. Take Engagement Photos: Take a gander at last year’s Be Yourself Together contest to see how dozens of couples brought their love to life through fun photos. Whether you do it yourselves with a self-timer and road trip or go the pro route, make sure you have tons of fun, take at least a dozen silly ones and feel free to bring colorful props. This winter scene from Brit and her husband Dave’s engagement photos (from 2010!) is great inspiration for post-holiday engagements.


3. Choose Your Bridesmaids: It’s time to check in with your besties and pop the next important question: Will you be my bridesmaid? There are ton of ways to do this, from a simple (probs emotional) phone call to a full-on surprise party. Head here to check out 10 DIY ideas for popping the question to your ladies as well as 10 great gifts to give them the weekend of your wedding.


4. Plan Date Nights: Wedding planning is stressful. It’s easy to get caught up in a pattern where all you do when you’re at home with your S.O. is plan, make decisions and plan some more. Make sure to set aside a few nights a month for date nights. As way-too-grown-up as they can sound, they’re awesome and a great way to make sure don’t get too stressed out.


5. Register for All Your Dream Gifts: Registering for gifts is one of the most fun tasks on the wedding to-do list. As we mentioned, we’ve actually tricked out Weduary with the power to embed a custom Target Wedding Registry right on your wedding website. Register for kitchen basics, travel essentials and pretty much anything you need for starting your life together.


6. Whip Up Breakfast in Bed for Your Boo: Breakfast in bed may be the oldest trick in the book, but that’s because it’s a tried and true one. Our delectable stuffed French toast for two is one way to your boo’s heart, especially when paired with a raspberry champagne cocktail or two. If you’re more of a savory morning person, skip out the berries in the middle and go for an herby rosemary, gruyere and olive oil combo.


7. Host a Bridal Brunch for Your Ladies: Tell your girls just how much you love them by hosting a bridal brunch in their honor. This can be something you do as part of asking your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids, a twist on a traditional shower for all the women in your family or even a day-of-the-wedding luncheon to make sure you stay nourished for your big day.


8. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home: Actually, make that 10 spa days at home. You’ve gotta remember to pamper yourself throughout wedding prep and planning. Outfit your bathroom with fragrances you love, scrubs that make you feel refreshed and towels, robes and slippers that make you feel warm and fuzzy. And never underestimate the healing and rejuvenating power of a good old fashioned bubble bath.


9. Choose a Wedding Hashtag: Don’t try to be too cool for the wedding hashtag — you will LOVE the fact that you have one in the days leading up to and following your wedding. Use it to get your friends and family excited as the day approaches, and encourage your guests to use it to share photos from your special day. Make sure it’s easy to spell and share it ahead of time on your website as well as the day-of on trays, tables and signage.


10. Make DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits for Your Wedding Party: Finally, keep your people equipped. There’s one thing all weddings have in common: day-of surprises. Someone’s hem comes down and they need a quick stitch, one of the groomsmen never undid his breast pocket and needs a seam ripper, and, of course, everyone in the wedding party needs to keep their breath minty fresh.

Happy engagement!

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.