Tipping can be one of those awkward things (which is why tipping guides are always helpful), especially if you’ve planned your budget right down to the dollar. We all know what is appropriate for our bartender at our favorite local spot, but when it comes to a wedding, the tipping game can become a bit confusing. As a wedding planner, I normally encourage my clients to consider a tip that fits within your budget and leaves your vendor feeling the love after you’ve said “I do,” the bouquet has been thrown and the ceremony has wrapped. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to consider when creating your tip envelopes.

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1. Wedding Planner: It is customary to tip anywhere from $100 to $500 or to give a personal gift. In most cases, your wedding planner has been your confidant, the person you turned to when you needed advice — and very darn well could be your seventh bridesmaid by your wedding day. As a wedding planner myself, receiving a personal gift from my brides always makes for a wonderful surprise. My most recent bride hand-wrapped my favorite notebooks and the cutest pens to help keep me inspired while planning my next wedding. Thoughtful gifts always make a lasting impression and make us love our job that much more. (via Lauren Louise Photography)

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2. Photographer: Your wedding photographer is on his/her feet all day long, arrived early to snap photos while your hair and makeup artists were putting on final touches and probably stayed an extra hour to capture those blissful smiles as you and your beloved hopped in a getaway car. Tipping your photographer is not always necessary, but when they go above and beyond to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments, a tip is always the perfect way to show your appreciation. (via Lauren Louise Photography)

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3. Florist: Similar to the tip advice for a photographer and wedding planner, consider a tip if your florist made it a personal experience during their time with you. You may also want to consider finding a meaningful gift for them while you’re on your honeymoon. (via Megan Breamore Photography)

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4. Caterer: Many caterers will automatically add a gratuity to your final bill. Be sure to check before setting aside an additional tip for the staff. If it is not included, tip based on 15 to 20 percent of the final bill, just like you would at a restaurant. (via Melanie Gabrielle Photography)

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5. Hair and Makeup Artists: Much like you would at a hair salon, tipping in this instance is customary. Tipping anywhere in the range of 15 to 20 percent range lets your artists know you were happy with the final result. (via Lauren Louise Photography)


6. Officiant: Many times an officiant’s fee is donation-based. If your officiant is from a religious affiliation, consider making a donation to the church, synagogue or place of worship. If you are paying a flat fee, an additional tip is not necessary. (via Lauren Louise Photography)

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7. Musicians/DJ: Tipping customs vary by profession as well as whether or not the hired vendor owns the business. For example, if your DJ is an independent and does not have to worry about 75 percent of the total amount paid going back into someone else’s pocket, a tip is appreciated but not required. (via Lauren Louise Photography)

How do you plan to show your wedding vendors the love after the big day? Tell us in the comments below!