Chances are, if you don’t tip your hairdresser, party planner or massage therapist appropriately this season, you’ll get coal in your stocking and definitely be called a Scrooge… or worse. There’s an easy way to avoid under-tipping (or not tipping appropriately) with this simple tip calculator from Racked.

First, pick the industry in which you’re tipping — Hair Care, Waxing, Body Maintenance, Home or Car Maintenance or Party Planning. From there, pick the specific occupation and if you’re tipping during the holidays. The calculator will not only tell you if you should tip, but how much you should tip.

We got an education ourselves. And now we know that we need to tip our trash collectors during the holidays. But what we’re really left wondering is… how much should we deliver to our dog walker? You can try out the tip calculator for yourself right here.

Are you one of these must-tip professionals? Let us know what your expectations are in the comments below!