What’s an egg-cessory you ask? Well it’s any vessel or gadget that can help the breakfast staple look as insanely creative plated on the Easter table as it does in its decorated shell. And if you ask us, these 16 quirky contraptions are as much of a must-have for the Bunny’s big day in April as they are on any given Sunday when you have the girls over for brunch. So crack into our list below!

1. Sunnyside Egg Mold ($10): This egg mold gives sunnyside a whole new meaning ;)

2. Fried Egg Cup ($18): Sprawling “whites” form an adorable dish that resembles none other than a fried egg. Add your soft boiled breakfast to the egg cup’s yolk and get to dippin’!

3. Crochet Egg Warmers Set of 6 ($70): We need to learn how to crochet JUST to make these amazing egg warmers. These egg sweaters are sold in a set of six, so every roommate can have their very own egg avatar (egg-atar?). Would you choose the ninja, the Angry Bird, or the turkey?

4. Ceramic Chick Egg White Separator ($15): LOL! This hilarious separator makes egg whites anything but boring. The yolk stays totally intact inside the chick’s tummy — reserve ‘em for later-that-day cooking.

5. Egg Minder (currently unavailable): You guys, a smart egg tray actually exists! And its slogan is “you’ll never be in a scramble for a good egg again.”

6. Egg Pants ($6): If you’re not arriving to Easter Brunch pants-free, then don’t expect your egg to.

7. Fusionbrands PoachPod ($19): Love poached eggs but hate the hassle? This PoachPod is for you. The mess-free gadget keeps the whites perfectly round and when they’re fully cooked, the eggs pop right out of the silicone shell and onto the plate.

8. Donna Wilson Egg Cups ($19): These whimsical egg cups are sure to grab the kiddos’ attention through Sunday brunch and beyond — be warned, the same could easily happen to you!

9. Eggs Font ($98): OMG! We could actually spell OMG! IN EGGS! We need this at Brit HQ now.

10. Egg Mold by Kotobuki ($10): Just because a hard boiled egg is out of its shell doesn’t mean it can’t show some personality! This mold imprints the most darling bunny face. Perfect for Easter? We think so!

11. Henry Egg Cup ($32): Treat your egg like the culinary king it really is. Once we’re done with our mid-day snacking, we might just use this gilded crown as home decor. It’s so posh.

12. Yolkfish Egg Separator ($20): If you want to get your daughter involved in your baking game, tell her this fish blows out the egg yolks like bubbles. If you want to get your son to help out, tell him this fish pukes out the egg yolks. Simple as that.

13. Eggspress Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Mold ($10): This egg mold was made to earn you bonus points for prepping a romantic breakfast in bed. Make the moment epic by DIY-ing your tray!

14. 12 Egg Crate ($8): Toss that cardboard carton, asap! This reusable wire egg tray is the only one your modern kitchen will need.

15. Rosie Egg Topper ($22): This egg top cracker promises an even cut every time, guaranteeing that you’ll never bite down on a rogue egg shell again. As frequent brunch hostesses, we’ll buy into that pitch.

16. Muse Egg Cups ($48): Soft boiled for him, hard boiled for her. These egg cups ensure that the right egg goes to the right half of the happy couple.

Do you own any of these egg-cessories? Which would you buy to amp up your brunch game? What other kitchen gadgets have caught your eye lately? Tell us in the comments below.