4th of July = BBQs, booze and flags, flags, flags! In our eyes, 4th of July kicks off summer, and we can’t wait! Step up your 4th of July style with some red, white and blue patterned sneakers. We went for the all-American brand Converse to wear and rock all summer long, but if you only plan to wear your sneaks for one day, head over to H&M for some cheaper canvas sneaks.


Materials + Tools:

– white canvas sneakers

– red and blue paint pens

– pencil

– paper

– ruler



1. Sketch out your patriotic design on a piece of paper to avoid making mistakes on the sneaks.

2. Create 1/2-inch lines along the shoe to provide a grid for your pattern.

3. Grab your paint pens and color away!

Tribal Sneaker


Practice makes perfect! Or in this case, it makes for a kickass pair of shoes. We recommend drawing your pattern on paper before putting your pen to the sneakers. This will allow you to develop your idea.


Unlace your shoes — it will be a whole lot easier to color on them without the laces. Pro tip: Color your laces too! Or replace them with fun colorful ribbon.


Create vertical lines every 1/2 inch on the shoe to provide a grid for your pattern. This is extremely helpful in creating the same proportional pattern on both shoes. Our first piece was an arrow-shaped line — we decided it would take up a 1/2 inch section.


Our next chunk took up four sections of our grid. After the arrow-shaped line, we created a straight line followed by a dotted line. Next we created a tribal-like shape that was designed using rectangles and triangles. Then we filled in the surrounding area of the shape with the opposite color.


We finished up the pattern with some more straight, dotted and arrow-shaped lines. On to the next one!


Use an eraser to clean up all of the unwanted pencil marks, then lace those babies back up to wear!


These shoes are clearly not just for The 4th of July. You can definitely wear these all summer long!

American Flag Sneaker


Create a grid of horizontal lines that are 1/2 inch apart. Color every other one in red to create the stripes of the flag.


Now for the stars! Draw your own star or print one out here to use as a stencil for your design. Trace them on your shoe, leaving the same amount of space between each star, and then color in the background.


Stars and stripes, y’all. May we suggest going all out and completing the outfit with flag shorts and flag sunnies?


Time to party! What is your favorite 4th of July tradition? Share with us below!