No matter where you’re living, how you choose to decorate your humble abode speaks volumes about your personal style. And for all of you music enthusiasts out there, you’d be amazed at the number of ways that your favorite song lyrics can be incorporated into your home decor. From custom prints to throw pillows, here are 15 ways to dress up your apartment and keep the beat going.

1. “Single Ladies” Typography Lyrics Poster ($10+): As if both the lyrics and accompanying dance movements to “Single Ladies” weren’t already embedded in your head — now you’ll never miss a step! Here’s your excuse to practice the iconic dance while getting ready in the morning.

2. “Walking on Sunshine” Typography Lyrics Poster ($10+): It’s nearly impossible to wake up in a grumpy mood when you have this bright + cheery print situated on your dresser. This illustration of Katrina and the Wave’s hit song “Walking on Sunshine” is available in four different sizes so it can conveniently be displayed or hanged even if you’re cramped for space.

3. Daft Punk Print Poster ($12+): Any Daft Punk fans in the house? Make sure that you’re doin’ it right with this print in honor of “One More Time” (aka the best song EVER).

4. Mix Tape Pillow ($36+): Now we’re jamming. In the midst of random throw pillows, this custom mix tape pillow will serve as an instant conversation starter the next time that you have guests over.

5. Song Lyric Word Art: Perfect for dorms and apartments, this budget-friendly DIY project will make your home away from home much more inviting. Once you pick out a song that resonates with you, simply use felt letters to assemble the lyrics in your very own hanging word art. (via DIY Candy)

6. Till the Break of Dawn Print ($30): Show Sir Mix-a-Lot and big booties everywhere a little love with this throwback print. Whether you decide to hang it in the bathroom or rest it on your dresser for a morning pick-me-up, this print will have you rapping along and shakin’ it during your morning routine.

7. Song Lyrics Pillow ($36+): How many times have you forgotten the lyrics to a song? Let’s just say that this custom pillow will completely eradicate that problem.

8. I Woke Up Like This Mug ($10): Yasss! If this mug means that we’re one step closer to becoming Queen Bey, then we’re down for it.

9. Decorative Pillow Cover ($30+): Okay, we definitely wish that we’d owned a pillow like this way back when to commemorate the titles of our favorite songs from the ‘90s. We’ll happily settle for this one, ’cause “We Are Young” just so happens to be our jam.

10. The Beatles Tumbled Marble Tiles ($40): Cue the Beatles mania. This set of four handmade marble coasters might as well be a collector’s item. We call dibs on the coaster with a retro screen print of the bandmates’ facial hair.

11. Custom Song Lyric Tea Towels ($30): It’s no overstatement when we say that these tea towels are flippin’ awesome and oh-so fun for entertaining guests. We’re this close to snatching up the entire set for ourselves.

12. Sara Bareilles Song Lyric Art Print ($20+): For the minimalistic contemporary living space, this art print inspired by lyrics from Sara Bareilles’ “I Choose You” will be a super chic addition. When reaching for inspiration, this is the kind of mantra that we all need.

13. 12 x 12 Album Frame ($15 or 2 for $20): Well, here’s a cool idea. Pick out your favorite record covers of all time and display them as a unique gallery wall. These 12 x 12 album frames would be a great addition to your bedroom, living room, you name it.

14. Funny Kitchen Art Print ($17+): Oh-em-gee. If you ask us, kitchen humor is definitely the best humor. This collection of kitchen art prints would be the quintessential housewarming gift. Not to mention they’ll give you a reason to smile on a less-than-sunny day.

15. Simple Song Lyrics Painting: Rest assured that there is nothing cliché about this DIY project. Whether it be your wedding song or lyrics to the ultimate T-Swift revenge ballad (haters gonna hate), this painting will serve as inspiration when the going gets tough. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Will you be using song lyrics to decorate your living space? Tell us in the comments below!