When it comes to decking out our digs, we鈥檙e all about creative decorating, especially if the decor can serve a dual purpose. And ever since we learned Taylor Swift has a wall of guitars hanging in her Nashville home, we鈥檝e been inspired to add some musical touches to our walls. Scroll on for 10 ways to turn a dusty guitar into a statement piece in your home. Who knows 鈥 it might even inspire you to write a hit song!

corner guitars

1. Guitar Gallery: Does your home have an empty little corner? Use it to hang a cluster of guitars to give any room a musical pop. (via Fashion Over Reason)

Katy Skelton Apartment Tour

2. Multipurpose Guitar: When you hang up your guitar, consider hanging up your hat too. Something about this display reminds us of Ron Swanson. (via Domaine)

guitar planter

3. Guitar Planter: An old guitar would make a lovely hanging planter for any space. It could also be a sweet tribute to a guitar-playing family member who has passed on. (via Poetic Home)

gallery guitar

4. Gallery Wall Guitar: Making your strings part of your gallery wall could be just the statement piece you need to bring out the amazing. (via Angela Stasio)

lined guitars

5. Line Them Up: If you鈥檙e part of a guitar-playing family, don鈥檛 hesitate to make your string pride the focal point of any room. Just line 鈥檈m up for your guests to admire. (via Domaine)

soft rock guitar

6. 鈥淪oft鈥 Rock Guitar: Got your little ones wanting an instrument of their own? Stitch up this plush guitar, and they鈥檒l have the best throw pillow their bedroom has ever seen. (via Makezine)

stacked guitars

7. Stacked Guitars: If you play too often to hang your guitar on the wall, you can stand it in a corner with its counterparts for easy yet decorative access. (via Domaine)


8. Frame It: Give your instruments their own glory by hanging them in a DIY frame, complete with sheet music. (via Fun Cheap or Free)

guitar shelf

9. Guitar Shelf: Inherit a guitar you don鈥檛 play? Turn it into a colorful shelf to hold the knickknacks that usually clutter your coffee table. (via Budget Girl)

displayed guitar

10. On Display: If one thing is sure, it鈥檚 that if you have your guitar within sight, you鈥檙e more likely to play. So wherever you go, just have it out in the open, ready to fill your home with music. (via A Gentlewoman)

Do you play the guitar? How do you display it in your home? Tell us below!