Money matters don’t always inspire the most positive feelings. While earning it feels good, owing it, spending it, and managing it effectively isn’t always quite as… enjoyable. And when your financial situation isn’t what you would like it to be, it’s easy to get down on yourself. You may find yourself ready to give up and just go shopping.

The frustration is totally understandable, but there’s real proof that having a pessimistic attitude toward your finances actually hurts your cash flow more. According to recent research from Frost Bank, optimists are seven times more likely than pessimists to experience greater financial health. Basically, a positive outlook can pay off in more ways than one.

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Having a sunny outlook on money can be easier said than done, so we’ve worked with the team at Frost to put together a list of 11 tips that will help you change up your mindset. Keep scrolling for all the details.

1. Look for progress, not perfection. The moment you start beating yourself up because you haven’t achieved all of your financial goals is the moment you lose. Instead, try thinking about your finances in terms of what you’re doing better now than you were before. Are you saving more consistently? Are you being more mindful of a budget? Celebrating these wins — no matter how imperfect your accounts may be — will keep you looking on the bright side.

2. Don’t overdo your plans. According to the team at Frost, while nearly nine in 10 optimists plan for the future, 54 percent only have a rough plan in place and just 35 percent have something more detailed in mind. What’s the takeaway? You don’t have to have it all figured out!

3. Get creative with your savings. Automate your savings using an app, sock away the cash you would otherwise spend on a daily Starbucks, or create a money mantra that will help you think about your finances as a philosophy instead of a drag.

4. Set small, meaningful goals. When you focus on the baby steps along the way to your bigger financial dreams, you’ll actually feel yourself making progress, which will keep you motivated. Treat yourself every time you meet a small savings goal or repay a chunk of credit card debt. When you establish rewards for accomplishing these goals, all of your associations around money will become more positive.

5. Get talkin.’ Per Frost, 76 percent of optimists are comfortable discussing money, and 69 percent are comfortable discussing their own finances. Stop treating your money matters as big, off-limits secrets.

6. Consult the pros. Fifty-nine percent of optimists seek financial advice, according to the team at Frost, compared with just 42 percent of pessimists. Follow their lead and cultivate optimism in your own financial life by reaching out to a professional advisor, or even asking for some more informal wisdom from a friend who works in the biz.

7. Expect the unexpected. Set yourself up with an emergency fund so that you don’t find yourself completely devastated by a car that needs to be fixed or a surprise medical bill. The more you can prepare to meet these challenges with a level head, the easier it will be for you to bounce back and maintain an optimistic perspective, no matter what happens.

8. Learn from your mistakes. When you find yourself behind on bills or pulling from your savings account to cover day-to-day expenses, stop feeling sorry for yourself — and start thinking about how you can rise above and do better next time. Sixty-nine percent of optimists say they have found themselves completely or mostly in a better place money-wise following a setback.

9. Be open to learning. Finding ways to get educated about money will keep you in control of your accounts, which will, in turn, keep you feeling good about them.

10. Spread happiness. Even if you’re stressing about your own financial situation, spending $5 here and there to bring a smile to someone else’s face will put your own problems in perspective and remind you that money doesn’t have to be scary. Venmo a friend a few dollars to buy herself coffee when she’s having a tough day or treat your work BFF to a special treat after she crushes a big meeting. Gestures like this can help rewire your relationship with money entirely.

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