Giving mom flowers for Mother’s Day may not be the most original idea, but since she’s always been proud of anything you make, we bet she’d LOVE a DIYed floral arrangement even more. Show her you were thinking of her, and surprise mom with a nice brunch centerpiece or a wreath to help greet her brunch guests. Or, offer up ways to steal her heart in her everyday life with a super unique pressed flower phone case or a luxe DIY bath bomb. She’ll especially appreciate how each was made by Y-O-U. Read on for 25 unique ways to give mom flowers she’ll love.

1. DIY Tiny Floral Pins: Give mama a colorful non-wilting brooch she can wear for as long as she likes. Because thimbles make the *cutest* mini planters. (via Brit + Co)

2. DIY Fresh Flower Petal Perfume: Whether you choose honeysuckle, rose, lavender, or peony — this homemade fragrance will keep mom smelling sweet all day long. (via Hello Glow)

3. DIY Edible Floral Chocolate Bars: Want to give mom something that’s gorgeous and delicious? White chocolate bars are easy to make and look beautiful when you add edible petals. (via Let’s Mingle)

4. DIY Flower Cupcake Bouquet: What better way to thank mom than with cake?! Custom bake her fave flave and then get to floral-frost decorating. Icing, icing, baby. (via Craftberry Bush)

5. DIY Floral Swag Garland: Customize this adorable flower garland with mom’s fave blooms and transform any room into a celebration space. Hang on a mantle, adorn a bar cart, or use as a Mother’s Day brunch table centerpiece! (via Lovely Indeed)

6. DIY Flower Bouquet Corsage: What’s better than a bouquet of blooms? Why, one you can wear, of course! DIY this mini bouquet corsage for the floral-loving mama. (via The House That Lars Built)

7. DIY Map Roses: Repurpose old maps into pretty blooms that will never wilt! These wanderlust roses will add color to any room and may even inspire mom to get her adventure on! (via Pillar Box Blue)


8. DIY Floral Bike Basket: If your mom spends more time on her bike than in the car, this DIY is for you. Create this dreamy bike basket using floral wire to attach fresh flowers and greenery. Make sure to take advantage of your new photo opp, and snap plenty of pics of your mom on her bike! (via Lovely Indeed)


9. DIY Faux Flower Coat: Surprise mom with this fun and fab faux flower coat. Upcycle an old jacket using dollar store flowers and a hot glue gun. Create patterns using similar colors or varieties, or go for the wildflower aesthetic, like with this coat. (via Studio DIY)

diy paper flowers

10. DIY Paper Flowers: Fresh flowers are lovely while they last, but, alas, they’ll eventually wilt. Opt for wilt-free paper flowers for your bouquet this year, or create some hanging art to spruce up a plain wall. (via Brit + Co)


11. Edible Flower Donuts: To get this look, garnish donuts with plenty of carnation petals. Otherwise, do your research and add your mom’s favorite flowers to the dish (once you’ve cleared that they’re safe to eat). (via Studio DIY)

Modern Floral Monogram Wreath

12. DIY Modern Floral Monogram WreathDecorate the front door with this stunning floral monogram wreath. Pro tip: Use fresh flowers to welcome in a lovely scented breeze every time she walks through the door. (via A Kailo Chic Life)


13. Mother’s Day Printables: Though the printable itself isn’t DIY, the way you can display it is! Once you have your free Mother’s Day print, DIY a frame, then upcycle a vintage pant hanger to hang it with flowers and wire. (via Place of My Taste)


14. Straw Tote Door Decor: Repurpose a vintage straw tote as a decorative flower basket for your front door. Alternatively, choose a new beach tote so your mom can use it later on. (via Sadie Season Goods)

diy flower bookmark

15. DIY Pressed Flower BookmarkShe won’t ever lose her place again with this lovely DIY pressed flower bookmark. Create a wildflower mix or experiment with different patterns and colors for a unique look. Consider an ombre pattern made of pressed flowers or a variety of textured all-green plants. (via Spalvotas Dryzuotas)

diy flower crown

16. DIY Flower CrownEvery #QUEEN needs a crown, so give your mom the royal treatment and DIY this flower one for her. You’ll need crepe paper, floral tape and floral wire to whip up this romantic accessory. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Flower Terrarium

17. DIY Flower Terrarium: This candle-holder-turned-flower-terrarium proves how easy it is to create your own terrarium without spending big bucks for store-bought ones. Not only is it truly unique, it can also be found at your local crafts store — just be on the lookout for a glass vessel large enough to hold a small potted plant. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)

diy mom floral backdrop

18. DIY Mom Floral Backdrop: Mother’s Day is all about her, so make sure everyone knows it by spelling it out on a floral backdrop. This one made of carnations and a white lattice won’t disappoint, and it makes quite the statement. (via Proper)

diy paper flower heart

19. DIY Paper Flower Heart: These crepe paper peonies look like they’re bursting from their heart-shaped frame. If that’s how you feel about your mom, let her know with this super sweet DIY. If you have a floral scented perfume, spritz the heart once you’re finished for a realistic scent. (via We Love Handmade)

diy phone case

20. DIY Pressed Flower iPhone CaseShe may not be the savviest when it comes to technology, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate a nice phone case. Create the prettiest one she’s ever seen by pressing her favorite flowers onto a plain white phone case. (via The Etsy Blog)


21. 3D Flower Photo ArtIf your mom’s hallways are decked out with framed photos of you and your siblings, then you know this photo art DIY is the one for her. Choose your favorite photos of you and mom, and use a hot glue gun to decorate with fresh flowers. If you want it to last until next year, there’s no shame in swapping fresh flowers with faux — especially if you DIY paper versions. (via Bespoke Bride)


22. Rose Milk Bath Bomb: Mother’s Day is the *perfect* time to finally give your mom that long-overdue spa treat. Help guide her toward utter relaxation with homemade rose milk bath bombs. Made from rose petals, rose oil and dry milk, this ultra soothing concoction will transport your mom into another (heavenly) world. (via A Pumpkin & A Princess)

floral herbal tea

23. Floral Herbal Tea: While she’s relaxing with that last DIY, it would be so nice to help her unwind with a nice steaming cup of tea. If your mom is a fan of tea time, create this soothing caffeine-free blend of floral and mint that she’ll no doubt love. (via Homemade for Friends)

floral chandelier

24. DIY Floral Chandelier: There’s nothing wrong with displaying flowers in a vase, but why do that when you can hang them from the ceiling?? Create the ultimate springtime decor with this whimsical DIY floral chandelier using faux flowers, a wreath frame and wire. Bonus: You’ll save room on table space for Mom’s fave dish. (via IMG1998)

diy cookie tray

25. DIY Lined Tray: Deliver breakfast in bed the morning of with a DIY lovely floral lined tray. Spruce it up by sprinkling a few donuts with edible flowers, and you’ll have nailed the start to a perfect Mother’s Day. (via Christina Williams)

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