When temperatures soar and your go-to snacks aren鈥檛 cutting it, a popsicle can always save the day (or pool party). They鈥檙e easy to make and only require a few ingredients, so you can spend less time in a hot kitchen and more time playing in the sun. Whip them up in the morning and they鈥檒l be ready before the afternoon sun hits. Whether you want something fruity, tangy, sweet, creamy, boozy, healthy or indulgent, we鈥檝e got a recipe below to meet your needs.


1. Honeydew Ice Pops: This melon and mint combo is as soothing as it sounds. It鈥檚 all you need for a little DIY spa time. (via Hungry Girl Por Vida)


2. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee Popsicles: One taste of these coffee pops and we鈥檙e sure you鈥檒l be hooked, and that鈥檚 not just because of the caffeine. Creamy half-and-half gets blended with cold brew and brown sugar and is topped off with an unexpected hint o鈥 mint. It鈥檚 our new favorite afternoon pick-me-up. (via Brit + Co)


3. Raspberry Peach Bellini Pops: Champagne flutes are now a thing of the past. We鈥檒l take our bellinis in frozen form, please. (via Bon App茅tit)


4. Brownie-Cow Popsicles: These brownie pops are perfect if you鈥檙e craving something rich and refreshing. The secret ingredient for this ultra-indulgent treat? A splash of sweetened condensed milk. (via Lady and Pups)


5. Roasted Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles: Strawberries roasted in sugar and balsamic vinegar and topped off with red wine 鈥 need we say more? (via Pastry Affair)


6. Cucumber Gin and Tonic Popsicles: Yes, this is really a G+T on a stick. Add fresh slices of cucumber or mix it up with a little citrus zest. (via Port and Fin)


7. Ombre Grapefruit Tangerine Popsicle: These are as pretty as they are tasty, and surprisingly easy to make. All you need are two Italian sodas or fruit juices in complementary shades. (via Paper & Stitch)


8. Roasted Banana Paletas: These Mexican-inspired popsicles get a double dose of creaminess from yogurt and bananas. Of course, not until after the bananas have been carefully caramelized with vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. We had you at caramelized, right? (via Food52)


9. Pinot Noir Blackberry Pops: This is one luxe popsicle. Blackberries get a hit of wine to bring out their deepest, juiciest flavor. Play around with other varietals and fruit for your perfect poptail. (via Bon App茅tit)


10. Chai Tea Latte Gelato Pops: You鈥檒l never have to make the very stressful decision of popsicle versus ice cream again. This recipe uses a custard base to achieve a gelato texture (not to mention one tasty canvas for all those chai spices). (via Lemons for Lulu)


11. Smashed Berry-Lime Coconut Yogurt Pops: Tangy yogurt, fresh berries and luscious coconut milk? Talk about a perfectly satisfying (and healthy!) combination. We could definitely eat these for breakfast. (via Desserts for Breakfast)


12. Mint-Chocolate Pops: Here, a classic combo gets a makeover with dairy-free coconut milk. We also love the use of both fresh mint and extract. Feel free to substitute in whole milk if your heart so desires. (via Tutti Dolci)


13. Classic Creamsicles: These are the popsicles of your childhood dreams, only better. You can use any fruit juice, but the ladies behind this recipe suggest grapefruit for a yummy twist. (via A Beautiful Mess)


14. 鈥淔irecracker鈥 Berry Yogurt Pops: The search for the perfect patriotic dessert is over. These festive blueberry and strawberry pops scream 4th of July. Plus, they only take a few minutes to make with the help of a food processor, leaving you more time for fireworks and splashing in the pool. (via Martha Stewart)


15. Watermelon Popsicles: Just when you thought watermelon couldn鈥檛 get any more refreshing, we give you the watermelon pop. You only need two ingredients to make them, which is a good thing because you鈥檒l want to have these around all summer long. (via Creme de la Crumb)

Do you have a favorite ice cream truck treat from childhood? Any delish popsicle recipes we missed? Tell us in the comments below!