We’ve all done some things we regret. What’s even worse is when those things we regret live forever on social media. Whether it’s your season of headbands inspired by Blair Waldorf or a Twitter storm you wish you could take back, there are some posts we all want to take down from the internet. And while, yes, you can go through and delete individual posts, what if you want to erase an entire timeframe from your social media? Turns out it’s a lot easier than you probably thought. Let he who is without social media sin cast the first tweet.

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Facebook: Your first option is to install this Chrome extension, called Facebook Post Manager. Once installed, you can filter your posts by time (search for month and year) or keyword (delete that thing you CANNOT believe you used to be soooo into). You can also adjust privacy settings with the extension, meaning that if you don’t want to necessarily delete posts, you can change them so that only your closest friends can see what you were doing back in 2008.

Twitter: For those bad memories less than 140 characters, use Tweet Deleter. Scan for “rude words,” keywords or certain time frames. You can even set the service to autodelete, meaning that for every month you move forward in your tweets, it can delete a month from when you first started. It’s perfect if you really don’t want to admit to yourself exactly how long you’ve been using social media.

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