We live in a generation of go-getters and DIYers. And with so much creativity in the air, it’s only natural to want even more. So we’re turning to that one article of clothing that really gets the creative juices flowing: the scarf. As we’ve mentioned before, the scarf is one of the most versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe. Not only can it brighten up your look, but it can actually be transformed into anything from a vest to a dress. So go ahead and scroll on through. Trust us, you’ll be amazed.


1. Make a Dress: This scarf-turned-dress screams spring. From the open sleeves to the belt accentuating your waist, this is an outfit you really can’t go wrong with. Try pairing it with a bold lip and light accessories for your next outdoor brunch plans. (via Peony Lim)


2. Headband Scarf: Take one of your floral scarves and wrap it into a headband. It’s the perfect way to elevate that casual spring look and play around with some color. We recommend rocking this headband for those days you and your hair just can’t even. (via Babble)


3. Giant Tote: Looking for a quick grab-and-go tote? Make your own with a colorful oversized scarf. (via Brit + Co)


4. The Uptown Wrap: We all know those chilly spring mornings where we absolutely don’t want to leave our beds. We’re here to tell you that you can do it! And you can do it with style. Wrap a blanket scarf around you like so to be nice and cozy. (via Harper’s Bazaar)


5. DIY Scarf Kilt: That’s right. You can turn your favorite scarf into a kilt-inspired mini. Try this with a colorful printed scarf and you’ll be totally spring ready. (via Runway DIY)


6. The Bandeau Top: Looking for a quick pool-party look? Turn your scarf into a cute twisted bandeau. Try pairing it with a skirt or those ever-so-trendy culotte pants. (via The Wonder Forest)


7. The Braided Scarf: Say goodbye to statement necklaces with this braided scarf. If you’re rocking a monochromatic outfit, use a bright scarf and pair it with a matching lip for total perfection. (via Spark & Chemistry)


8. Floral Headscarf Wrap: Florals and stripes ALWAYS look fabulous together, so don’t be afraid to mix up patterns and colors. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to experiment with this combo. (via The Jay Sisters)


9. Breaking Black: This is proof that a simple animal print scarf around your neck can make your look pop just right — especially when paired with matching accessories. (via Vanilla Extract)


10. Spring Flair: Two statement pieces in one look? Yes, please! This gal took a bright yellow dress and paired it with a floral scarf and no other accessories, really allowing for these pieces to complement each other. (via Extra Petite)


11. Kimono Wrap: This scarf-turned-kimono is our new fave beach coverup hack. All you need is a long scarf and hands to tie the ends together, and voilà! We’re loving this chic boho look with the printed kimono, black floppy hat and gold accessories. If you’re looking for more ways to style it, check out this Style Resolutions post. (via Swell Blog)

12. Headscarf 3 Ways: Step aside, flower crowns, and make room for these DIY headscarf masterpieces. This beauty guru gives us three different headscarf styles using bright and beautiful scarves. It’s a great accessory no matter where you’re headed. (via V is for Virtue)

Which scarf style is a must-try for you? Jot down a comment and let us know!