Calling all Coachella babes and any braid-loving babes! If you have not yet seen Kate Bosworth’s center part braid she rocked during weekend one of Coachella, then get ready: it’s beyond gorg.


I’ll admit, it took me a moment to figure out how the heck her stylist managed to pull this one off, but after playing around with a few gals’ hair here at Brit + Co (office perks ;), I figured it out just in time for you to DIY this simply rad style for weekend two + all through spring and summer! Get your best boho fringe on and get ready to impress your fellow flower children.

Step 1: Section + Pin


Use a fine tooth comb to section out as thin of a section of hair as possible in the center of your head. It’s tricky, so try it like this: imagine you’re placing a center part in your hair, then pick up a small amount of hair on either side of that dividing line. Stop the section at the top center of your head and for now, clip the hair up so it is out of the way. Girls with thin hair, you want just enough hair to showcase the braid. Girls with coarse hair, make the section you pick up as thin as it can be, but ultimately for you, the braid will appear thicker than Kate’s.

Step 2: Pull Remaining Hair Back


While the top section is clipped up and out of the way, pull the remaining hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Step 3: Begin *Teeny Tiny* Dutch Braid


Starting at the back of the section of hair on top of your head, begin a very, very (very) small Dutch braid, or an inside-out French braid. Pro tip: it helps to use a bobby pin to pick up each new piece of hair to add to this braid instead of your fingers.

Step 4: Pin In Place + Loosen Braid


Once your braid ends at your hairline, use a bobby pin or two to hold your braid in place. Slide the pin directly underneath the braid so you don’t see it. Then simply split the remaining hair into two sections and pin it back on either side of your head with bobby pins. Once both pieces are secure, use your fingers or a few bobby pins — one in each hand — to pull the braid apart. Loosen it as much as you can to give it that fuller look.

Step 5: Half Bun It Up


Use a comb to pull up half of the section of hair from your ponytail, and let the rest of your hair hang loose. Start wrapping the section of hair you’re holding like you would for a ponytail, but when the elastic is on its last wrap around, pull it half way through to create a faux bun look.


Did we just wake up in a Free People ad? <3


Although this look is totally DIY-able, you may have more fun getting one of your girlfriends to help you out, especially if you are not a veteran braider. ‘Cause you’re a rad pal, pay her back with a springy DIY mani or giving her festival-ready face paint!


Which celeb’s Coachella beauty looks are your favorite? Tell us which you’d love to learn to DIY in the comments below.