Daydreaming of a better job or think you have the best job ever? Now you can get some reassurance (or a buzzkill) thanks to Glassdoor. The career community site recently released its annual list of the 25 best jobs in America. It’s time to find out if you need to freshen up that resumé or kick back and thrive where you are.

On the “25 Best Jobs in America 2015” list you’ll find roles (primarily in tech + healthcare) that rated the best on Glassdoor’s Job Score. This is determined through three factors: earning potential based on average annual base salary, career opportunities rating and the number of job openings. Noticeably absent from the score criteria are specifics like the actual company/employee reviews, benefits, bonuses, equity, culture, etc but we’ll let them slide for now ;)

The 25 jobs, ranging from various engineer paths to physical therapists and data scientists, all rank above 4.0 out of 5 on the Glassdoor Job Score scale. Engineers, raise your hand if you asked for a raise after this list was released. Take a look at the best of the best below.

1. Physician Assistant: With more than 45,000 job openings throughout the country and an average base salary of $111,000, it’s no surprise PAs are a top-ranking job in the US at the moment.

2. Software Engineer: All kinds of engineers are currently in high demand due to all things tech taking over all parts of our lives. Ranking as the number one engineer role are those dealing with software, as the average starting salary is close to six figures. There are nearly 105,000 opportunities out there, engineers — snatch ’em up. Or, get started learning how to code.

3. Business Development Manager: While there aren’t nearly as many job openings for this role (a little over 11,500), the base salary is good — just under $95,000 — and the career opportunities rating is high at 3.5, making these positions covetable.

4. Human Resources Manager: Those looking to get into the recruiting field, you’re in luck as there are more than 8,000 openings across the US waiting for you. Bonus perk: the salary starts at $96,000 with many offering signing bonuses for new hires.

5. Finance Manager: Playing with your company’s money (and keeping them afloat) can be a good thing for your personal bank account, as this role earns the title of top base salary on the list at nearly $123,000. With more than 9,700 openings out there, it just may be time for you to make the move to finance.

6. Marketing Manager: Study communications in college? Why not try your hand at marketing, as there are almost 15,000 opportunities with a base salary of $100,000. Cha-ching!

7. Database Administrator: If you’re into IT, it’s time to step into a role like this one. With about 9,800 openings out there and a base salary just shy of $100,000, you’re sure to be satisfied with this job.

8. Product Manager: Thanks to the tech boom, PMs are in high demand — there are about 10,300 opportunities currently and more growing with each app, site and social network that launches. Not only will you hold an important role in an organization, but you’ll also be scoring a sweet base salary: $113,000.

9. Data Scientist: Again, thanks to the tech industry, this role is surging with about 3,500 openings and a base salary of $105,000. Get to applying, data scientists.

10. Sales Manager: While the base salary of a sales manager may not be as high as the tech industry roles at $76,600, the commissions you’d make could far exceed the average salary for all the jobs that made it onto this list. So get to selling yourself and your company.

Find the full list on Glassdoor’s blog. Now that we know the best jobs in America, we’re super curious as to which are the worst. Any guesses?

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Is it time to switch up your job or is yours considered one of the best in America? Let us know in the comments.