We’re heading down to Austin, Texas this weekend to attend the year’s most talked about technology, film and music festival, South by Southwest (also known as SXSW). Even though it’s my 8th year to attend (remember, I’m a Texan, born-and-raised), it’s still one of my favorite events of the year. It blends the creative arts together in a fun and informative way. Oh, and the parties don’t suck, either.

While I was coming up with my packing list, I enlisted the help of our resident stylist, Misty, to help me find some Texas-meets-Tech items that I could bring to town. We found so many that we had to share! In fact, we ended up making two complete outfit boards to help inspire all of you cowboys and cowgirls who might be making a similar trip to the south soon.

As with any style idea we post here on Brit, the concepts below beautifully blend the geek and chic aesthetics in a way that’s not overdone. And, the Texas flair? You can always rely on me to bring some of that, y’all! A fringe cowboy fanny pack? Yes, please.


1. BKE Fringe Vest ($42):

Anything with fringe “goes” in Texas. And this sleeveless vest will keep you cool in the warm sun.

2. Leather Fanny pack ($69):

As mentioned above, who *doesn’t* want a fringe cowgirl fanny pack? Great for holding everything from your iPhone to your lipstick.

3. Dolce Vita Dress ($139):

Gorgeous, simple, and great for layering on the Tex-cessories.

4. Silver iPhone Earphones Pendant: ($496):

More expensive than the $19 pair at the Apple store, but how awesome would it be to rock a sterling silver earphone necklace! We’re thinking about a possible DIY here…

5. Bronx Stee Rike Boots ($161):

For those who want to feel like a cowgirl, but can’t make the full transition to the more classic Lucchese or Old Gringo boots.

6. Navajo Beaded Stud Bracelet ($64):

A bit of tribal fun to adorn your frock.

7. Feather Hair Clip ($55):

We are all about the feathers these days. They are a great way to add some natural texture to balance all the cowgirl you’ve got going on.


1. Knomo Kilkeny Bag ($230):

Our favorite geek chic “man bag,” as attested by one of our men’s contributors, Matt Galligan. This thing is tiny but holds SO much stuff.

2. Carrera Endurance Aviators ($130): Yes, the aviators are still in… but get a little funky and add some color to yours this year.

3. DSquared Distressed Shorts ($45):

We LOVE these! The perfect mixture of preppy and punk, these distressed shorts are lined with gingham to add sharp, meaningful style to an otherwise totally-ripped-up pair of jeans. Also, dudes, it’s hot in Texas. Wear shorts, not pants.

4. Sebago Saddle Shoes ($120):

Likely a top contender for the Most Comfortable Shoes Ever contest. And quite stylish, too.

5. 70’s Film Selection T-Shirt

For the movie buffs attending this year’s festival, this tee includes 20 icons from classic films launched in the 70’s that went on to be blockbusters. See if you can recognize a few!

6. Forego Pockets Belt Buckle iPhone Holster ($300):

One word: YES.

7. OBEY Wallet ($20):

A touch of Navajo ties the whole piece together. Don’t you think? It’s very Cowboys & Indians.

What other fun Tex-cessories (or even, Tech-cessories) would you rock on a trip to Austin? Find us on Twitter or leave a note below!