Along with reading more and recovering from holiday spending, one of my new year’s resolutions is to start implementing small changes to improve my health. Now that I’ve found an exercise routine that I can actually stick to (seven-minute workouts, FTW!) and have revamped my self-care routine, the next thing I’d like to tackle is my eating habits.

If I’m being honest, eating healthy has never really been a priority in my life. But with the days of gym class and teenage metabolism now completely behind me, I think it’s about time to start thinking more critically about what I consume. So in order to learn more about my current eating habits, I decided to give myself a challenge. For four days I would use the calorie-counting app LoseIt! (available on Android and iOS) to see if tracking my food via an app could make a significant difference on my diet.


The app’s newest feature, SnapIt, makes tracking calories as easy as Instagramming your dinner (yes, really). All you have to do is snap a pic of your meal, and the app will identify what it thinks you’re eating. Just plug in your serving size, and your meal is saved.

After four days, I definitely noticed myself reaching for foods that I knew would look good on camera. Unfortunately, the beta-mode technology isn’t really at a point to get your meal right every time. (One time, the app thought my sandwich was a pork chop.)

Even though the SnapIt gimmick is still working out its kinks, what really made the app work for me is that it’s super simple to search and easy to add food. In fact, I don’t think it took more than 30 seconds to log a meal.


So while the beta version of the SnapIt feature might need a little tweaking, I still found it super easy to track what I was putting into my body. Although I’ll be the first one to admit I went over my suggested calorie limit at least a few times, this app seems like an easy way to stay accountable. Plus, it’s a great way to boost my foodie Instagram skills at the same time. Can you say silver lining?

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(Photos via LoseIt!)