It’s no secret that 3D printing hasofficiallyblownourminds. The 3D printing trend is nothing new, but the technology continues to become more accessible and easier to use. The latest 3D printing innovation, the iBox Nano, is up on Kickstarter and promises to be the smallest and most affordable 3D printer on the market.

Traditionally, 3D printers are either low resolution and inexpensive or high resolution and thousands of dollars. The iBox Nano promises to be different by delivering high-resolution printing at a low price (under $300). This printer aims to break down barriers of expense and complications that keep you from producing super creative 3D masterpieces (like ice cream, clothes and latte art).

The iBox Nano is a resin printer that stands out among others for durability and ease of use. The makers boast that it uses UV LEDs to cure the resin, and those LEDs could last more than 50,000 hours, which is the equivalent of running eight hours a day for 17 years! The innovative device is designed for home printers who want to create 3D objects with good resolution using a machine that’s small, quiet and portable.

The makers pledge that it’s the smallest, quietest and lightest resin printer on the market. The three-pound machine is battery operated and WiFi enabled, making for a super convenient untethered printing experience. There’s no software to install, so when you get your printer, you’ll be able to get started almost immediately. Print from any device that has a browser. Yup, that means your iPhone, iPad, Android device, PC or Mac instantly become hubs for making all kinds of 3D products.

The project started by offering the earliest buyers a printer for just $189. Now, a pledge of $269 will get you a printer and one 95ml container of resin in red, green, blue or yellow. For $349, you can go ahead and get your iBox Nano wrapped and delivered as a late gift for the holidays.

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