Our Target obsession is well-documented. Whether we’re shopping the latest Magnolia collab line, scoping out spooky accessories from their Halloween collections, or just ambling in on a Sunday afternoon and (oops?) spending half our rent money, we’re big believers in the home-enhancing power of this particular big box store. Their decor and furniture collections are always on our most-wanted list, which is why we were so surprised to find that Target isn’t actually America’s favorite home goods spot. According to a survey from Market Force, the fan-favorite retailer for furnishings is none other than (drumroll, please!) IKEA.

According to Market Force’s findings from 1,800 respondents, Target started majorly slipping from its former glory over the past year. Customer loyalty waned, and the store gave up its prestigious spot among shoppers’ favorites, dropping into third place (tied with Bed Bath & Beyond). Ranking just above Target was HomeGoods, which secured the title of second-best place to buy furniture. And, of course, IKEA made the biggest gains, rising to become respondents’ clear favorite.

The survey zeroed in on specific traits of each store as well. In addition to winning the title of overall favorite, IKEA also rated highest for value, store cleanliness, and merchandise variety. Target, meanwhile, received good marks for store layout (anyone who has ever been lost in an IKEA labyrinth will understand why the Swedish giant didn’t win that one), and for their customer service team’s knack for issue resolution. Customers also felt that Target wasn’t as good a provider of value as the other options. In fact, it tied with Walmart in last place for that category… not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Market Force also queried shoppers — particularly DIY enthusiasts — about their favorite home improvement store. Unsurprisingly, Walmart was awarded last place again. ACE Hardware, on the other hand, swept the category with favorable reviews of their store layout and cleanliness, checkout speed, and loyalty program. Menard’s and Lowe’s rounded out the top three stores in this category.

What do you think? Are you still #TeamTarget, or have you shifted your loyalty to IKEA and their magic meatballs?

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(Photo via IKEA)