As reigning Candy Queen here at B+C HQ, I know a thing or two about sweets. The office candy stash is located at my desk (dangerous!) and stays relatively stocked with all the goodies — mini chocolates, lollipops, seasonal candies, high-end alcohol-flavored gummies and more.

In addition to serving the local sweet teeth in our office, I like to stay in the know about global candy news. Just this week, the sweetest bit came across my computer screen. Attention: IKEA is now selling bulk candy in its stores!


IKEA is already a really great place. You can easily get lost there for hours and hours, convince yourself to purchase a strange lamp or two and eat your weight in Swedish meatballs. Disgusting? Never. #noshame.


Starting this summer, the Swedish home goods retailer is adding bulk candy bins in 39 stores across the US. The LÖRDAGSGODIS Pick + Mix Sweets (say that three times fast) features 45 varieties of candy including gummies, sours, marshmallow, chocolate and licorice. The tongue-twister name comes from a Scandinavian tradition of “Saturday candy” for kids and adults alike. We feel a cavity coming on…

Even better news, these Swedish treats are made sans trans fat, high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs and artificial colors… so maybe we aren’t going to the dentist just yet. Instead, we’re going to IKEA because we need… some picture frames, to try a new IKEA hack or two, and maybe we’ll take care of our candy fix while we’re there. After all, IKEA prices y’all — this candy is only $7.99 per pound.


So cancel your weekend plans, offer to drive your friend to IKEA then help build her new HEMNES bed and snag yourself a bag of sweets. You’ll be feeling like a kid in the best candy shop ever in no time.

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