Many of us love a good cup of coffee, be it traditional joe or crazy innovative coffee in the morning. Another thing we all love is a full charge on our smartphones as we start our day. Now imagine if you could combine the two and turn your delicious caffeine habit into a phone charging opportunity. We’ve got excellent news. Two students from the Copenhagen School of Interaction Design are collaborating with IKEA to make your dreams come true.


They’ve come up with a genius design that converts the heat from your cup of coffee (or anything, really, as long as it’s hot) into power. Here’s how it works: The designers came up with a tabletop that harvests heat from whatever you put on it. Then you set your phone on the table, near where an X marks the spot, and the energy is transferred right into your phone — so it’s wireless to boot.


The project, called Heat Harvest, came out of the Space 10 lab, an IKEA initiative where up-and-coming designers work on products that will make urban living that much better.

The inspiration for Heat Harvest is the fact that we generate so much potential energy throughout the day without even realizing it — and it’s really a huge waste. “We don’t think much about the excess heat our homes produce, even though there is so much of it. Everything from our cookware and tea pots to computers and game consoles can get very hot to the touch, but we just let the heat dissipate into the air,” the Space 10 website reads.


The product is still in development, so it’s not available at IKEA quite yet, but honestly, we can’t wait. Talk about energy conservation at its finest!

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