Let’s be real: Animal decor doesn’t have the best reputation. But don’t worry — you won’t find any cheesy pillows or porcelain figurines here. We’ve got some cool decorating ideas to embrace your inner animal lover and bring a little furry love into your home — all without compromising on style. Whether cats, dogs or deer are your thing, here are 16 ideas on how to do animal decor right.

1. Biota Pillow ($78): Colors, textures and patterns all come together beautifully in these throw pillows that would look right at home on top of a colorful couch.

2. Golden Dog Bookend ($60): We’ll never say no to any gold decor, and this little dachshund bookend will do a stellar job of keeping all your books in order.

3. DIY Painted Wood Blocks: Pick a few of your fave animals and show ’em some love with these bold and bright blocks. (via Alice & Lois)

4. Collage Bust ($398): Subtle and elegant, these collage busts look like they’re made out of book pages. We can see these looking equally cool in a dining room, living room or even nursery.

5. French Bulldog Decal ($10): Available in a whole palette of colors and sizes, these adorable Frenchies can stick to almost any smooth surfaces and are easily removable, making them perfect for no-nail wall art.

6. Gallery Wall: Group your favorite animal prints and photos together for a fur-themed gallery wall. Setting it up in the kitchen is a fun way to bring in animal art without messing with the rest of your home decor. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Wallpaper: Whether you’re into cats, dogs or ostriches, wallpaper is such a fun way to perk up a room or accent wall. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. DIY Cardboard Taxidermy Kit ($15): Any animal lover shudders at the thought of a real head mounted on the wall, so stick to the far more stylish cardboard option.

9. Cat Mat ($24): Let your friends know what they’re getting into before they even get inside the door.

10. Wild Wallpaper ($35): So dark and subtle, this pretty wallpaper makes it hard to tell that there is a jungle of animals lurking within. It’s removable and ideal for renters who want add furry friends to their kitchen backsplash, office nook or drawer linings.

11. Cat Hook ($5): We all need more hooks for our ever-growing scarf collection, so why not sneak a kitty or two into the closet situation?

12. Rabbit Wall Hook ($12): Seriously, how cute is this li’l guy? Colorful rabbit hook FTW.

13. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): You can never have too many throw pillows, right? An accent pillow of your favorite little buddy is the cutest choice to add some personality to that new couch.

14. Grizzly Art Print ($79): Forget the cat — you’re all about the wild and free. Perfect for a gallery wall or standing solo, this hand-drawn sketch is rustic in all the right ways.

15. Nine Lives Dishtowel ($18): This quirky and eclectic embroidered dishtowel will add some real character to your kitchen.

16. Catch All Dish ($12): Keep your little jewelry pieces safe from your real cat in this pretty marbled dish.

What are your favorite ways to add some animal love into your home decor? Talk to us in the comments below!