Shopping for jeans is almost as traumatic as shopping for a swimsuit. Firstly, sizes vary by brand so you have to take a whole stack of options into the fitting room. Then, you basically have to have a double jointed neck to check out your butt. And knowing what cut and wash makes your legs look good can be tricky. To make it easier, we talked to Liz Berlinger, president of Jordache, a brand that has been in the denim biz since the ’70s. Whether you’re tall and lanky, curvy or petite, Berlinger has tips to help you find that perfect pair you’ll be living in all fall.

If you’re tall

Tall ladies know what a pain it is to find jeans that don’t look like high-waters. “Look for an inseam that is 34 inches or longer,” Berlinger recommends. As for what looks the most flattering, she recommends avoiding ankle length jeans. Even though they’re trendy right now, resist! “The inseams on ankle-length jeans are typically only 28 inches, which is not cut appropriately for the taller woman,” she says. Elevated Style blogger Katherine knows what’s up and shares more looks and tips (denim and beyond!) on her site.

If you’re curvy

“New innovation has been introduced into the denim technology that helps hug women’s curves and show them off to the best possible advantage,” Berlinger says. She recommends looking for jeans with a higher back rise. And don’t think that just because you’re curvy you can’t wear skinny jeans. “Jordache offers a higher rise skinny jean that looks great on curvy women,” she says. “We featured an angled back yoke that helps accentuate the best characteristic of a curvy shape while offering enough coverage to feel comfortable.” (image via Fab + Luxury)

If you’re petite

There’s a reason why brands have petite lines, and they’re made for you, girlfriend. Berlinger says jeans labeled “petite” not only have a shorter inseam, but the overall fit is tailor-made with your body type in mind. Blogger Kelly (ringing in at 4’11”) shares more looks for fellow shorties on her style site Alterations Needed.

Jeans that look good on everyone

Want something foolproof? Berlinger says you can’t go wrong with bootcut jeans. “They are probably the most universal fit for everyone,” she says. “They look great on people of any height and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. (image via Kendi Everyday)

Where did you find your favorite pair of jeans? Share in the comments!