When we discovered Emily Blincoe‘s colorful, perfectly organized Instagram account (@thuglifeforevs — also the best handle ever?), we liked nearly three dozen photos in one go. It was actually sort of embarrassing when we thought about all the notifications this poor girl had to deal with… all from us… at midnight on a Thursday. For the record, Emily, we’re not a bunch of weird stalkers over here (well, maybe we are), but we simply love your work and don’t care who knows it. Here are 20 reasons we’re totally smitten with this Austinite-turned-Nashvillian photographer.

1. Ice Cream Clouds: “WEEKEND FORECAST: cloudy with a chance of ice cream”

2. Rainbow Flora: “Found in Massachusetts”

3. Camping Gear: “Hey y’all! @mbusa hired me to pack up a GLA for a trip. I’ve been going camping with my family every year since I can remember, but this time I thought it would be fun to go color-coordinated camping.”

4. Leaf Art: (Slightly cooler than the time we used wax paper and an iron.)

5. Lake Flowers: “A lake-sized vase and some wandering wildflowers.”

6. Citrus: “It’s what’s inside that matters.” True dat.

7. S’morganized Neatly: Okay, another reason camping with Em is a BLAST.

8. Sign Language: Can you guys figure out how she did this? We’re majorly impressed.

9. Summer: We’ll take a scoop, please.

10. Chucks: “I still have confetti everywhere.” #canrelate

11. Gum: We’ll never be able to buy a pack of white gum again.

12. La Playa: “I found these things at the beach today.” (HELLO, CASUAL CRAB CLAW.)

13. Donuts: “I may be pushing the legal limits on how many jars of sprinkles any one person is allowed to own.” Good news, Emily, we don’t abide by those laws around these parts either.

14. Eggs: “For the birds.”

15. Dog Days: How sweet (and photogenic?) is this pup?

16. Tomato Time: “It appears to be tomato season ’round these parts, y’all.” (Oh, and part deaux.)

17. Nice Stems: “You’ve got some real nice stems, Mother Nature.”

18. Bones: “Decisions, decisions.”

19. Austin Pebbles: These gorgeous rocks came from time at her family’s lake house. We’ll just be over here patiently waiting for our invite, Em.

20. Matchy Matchy: This cone came from a shop in East Nashville — brb flying there now.

What else would you like to see Emily style in her shoots? Let us know in the comments and share YOUR Insta-Crush with us!