12 Kid-Friendly Instagram Accounts to Follow for Creative Inspiration
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12 Kid-Friendly Instagram Accounts to Follow for Creative Inspiration

Your tot is a real da Vinci in the making. They’re all about exploration and can’t get enough of tinkering with just about everything around them. Yep, you’ve got a full-STEAM-ahead kiddo: That’s STEAM as in science, technology engineering, art, and math. (Think of it as STEM plus one.) Don’t stress if you’re far from a scientist, artist, or mathematician yourself — no one expects you to be. When you need a little help keeping your creative kid’s schedule filled with STEAM, we’ve got a few totally rad kid-centric IG accounts that you need to follow right now.

1. Blastastic Day: Let’s say your kid wants to get into that slime fad. You can find that here! You can also find all kinds of awesomely artsy activities paired with super science ones too. Paint pinecones, play with chalk pastels, and see what happens when the kids paint with fidget spinners (oh, it’s pretty darn cool).

2. Curiosity Sprouts: The creator of this IG account is a homeschooling mama to two. You’ll find everything from pics of painting outdoors on cellophane to videos of paint-soaked bubble-blowing fun. There’s plenty of art, nature, and awesomeness here.

3. The Dad Lab: Let’s not forget that dads are totally into kids’ activities too. This dad has put together a supremely STEAM-friendly mix of videos that encourage exploration, ignite the imagination, and just look like tons of fun. Let’s give him some props here: In an activity world that seems totally dominated by mamas and professional educators, he’s got it going on.

4. Brainy Beginnings Network: The name kind of says it all. If you’ve ever wondered, “What would it be like to make ginormous wiggle eyes with my child?” you’ve got your answer here. But that’s not all — far from it. Crystal rocks made from reused egg cartons, popsicle-stick-and-pom-pom dandelions, and painting on beeswax fabric are just a few of the creative treats you’ll find here.

5. Left Brain Craft Brain: Again, it’s all in the name. This STEM-plus-arts-and-crafts Instagrammer gives your little one plenty to look at — and do! There’s serious hands-on fun in store. Learn about liquid art panels, mix up some ooblek, get stretchy with slime, and make unicorn snot (yes, unicorn snot).

6. STEAM Kids Challenge: So you’re looking for an awesome array of creative activities? This IG account has just that. With weekly challenges, you’ll get a new batch of Instagrammers stepping up to the STEAM plate and showing off their best. And, bonus, if your tot makes something they’re totally proud of, you can enter the contest too!

7. Momma Teaching: This IG account belongs to a momma who’s also a teacher. (Of course!) You’ll find all kinds of easy-to-try activities that are perfect for little hands. Paint, play, and get creative as you try out some of these picks.

8. Momducator: There are so many imagination- and exploration-fueled options here, your kiddo won’t know which one to try first. Excavate chocolate chip cookies (whoa), chisel colorful ice away to get to a plastic dino inside, and play all day with plenty of other STEAM surprises.

9. Cara Raising Kinley: Colorful and cool, this preschool-focused account is absolutely filled with fun. Not only will you get pretty rad pics, but you’ll also get materials lists and how-to steps.

10. Learn 2 STEAM: It’s artsy. It’s science-y. It’s so much little-kid fun! From learning about erosion to making rock-and-stick portraits, this IG account has a buffet of ideas that are ready for your creative kiddo to explore.

11. Mac-n-Taters Play.Learn.Grow: If you’re looking for themed activities, this Instagrammer is it! Find pic after pic that all feature one theme (such as dinosaurs), and create your own mini study unit.

12. Raising DragonsWith tons of STEAM activities, this educational Instagrammer has plenty of ideas to keep your kid engaged. Learn about building with sticky notes, see what happens when your child combines oil and colorful water, and check out the gorgeous results when the kids paint with pool noodles.

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