We are so obsessed with making lists, we make lists of lists. And now, we’re sharing our list of our favorite lists. While that might seem a little kooky, these gorgeous printables will keep you obsessively organized. These puppies will facilitate everything from your grocery list to your impromptu donut party. Not only are these little ditties easy on the eyes (drumroll please)… they’re free! We still have our digital lists set and synced, but nothing beats remembering your to-dos like a good ol’ visual reminder on your office wall. So what are you waiting for? Get to downloadin’!

1. Party Planning Printables: We can always find a reason to celebrate. Keep this handy dandy party planning set close by for those pre-planned or last minute celebrations. (via A Pair of Pears)

2. Clip-Art Freezer Labels: The queen of organization has come up with yet another brilliant tool to keep up our home-sweet-homes. Keep your freezer in check with these helpful food labels. (via Martha Stewart)

3. Vintage Recipe Cards: Nothing inspires us to put our pots and pans to good use like an awesome recipe. Add a dash of sleek fonts and design and we are ready to roll. (via Love vs. Design)

4. Weekly Menu + Shopping List: We are always looking for ways to plan our meals for the month and now we’ve found a simple and colorful way to do just that. Slap it on your kitchen wall and boom — you’re organized. (via Everyday Enchanting)

5. Weekly To-Do List: We don’t know anyone who can get through a week without one of these. The best part? Check marks and crossed out lines confirm that you are quite efficient at being awesome. (via A Pair of Pears)

6. Daily + Monthly Cleaning Schedule: Okay, these printables are sooo necessary for dividing those cleaning tasks with a roomie. Not only do you get one whole bird’s-eye view of your duties, but you also get great little checklists perfect for sharing. (via Squirrelly Minds)

7. Important Document Binders: Whether you are running a business or a household, it’s always important to keep your documents in order. Let this adorable printable give those old binders a fresh new makeover! (via The Pretty Blog)

8. How to Summer List: That’s right: A how to do summer list. Didn’t think ya needed one, did ya? There’s no time like the present to properly organize your season… and keep track of all the food trucks you need to visit. Wait, it’s AUGUST? DL this ASAP. (via You Are My Fave)

9. Eight Glasses a Day: Finally a printable that will help us keep track of the most important task of the day, water intake! What a great way to make sure we stay hydrated. Thanks, mom. (via Clean Mama)

10. Grocery List: Grocery shopping doesn’t get easier (or prettier) than this! Whether you are a self-proclaimed pro in the kitchen or just picking up some weekly grub, this is a must-have! (via The Elli Blog)

What’s your favorite way to keep organized? Share your secrets below!