We. Love. Instagram. It’s one of the easiest ways to brighten up your day, spy on your fave celeb couples and even get life lessons on love. What we DON’T love is how there’s a lot of hate hiding out among the love. It’s more important than ever for people to unite under a banner of caring, companionship and support, and those few but fierce haters on Instagram can all too easily ruin it for the rest of us. Boo!

Facebook and Twitter recently improved features that help users report, mute and block other users and keywords. And now, Instagram is jumping in too. According to their blog, we will soon be able to use three new features to spread love on the social platform. The first feature is the ability to disable comments on posts. This feature has been available for a small number of accounts, but Instagram is opening it up to everyone.


All you have to do is tap Advanced Settings when you’re creating a post and then toggle “Turn Off Commenting.” This way, if you’re posting something that you really don’t want any negativity on, you can nip it in the bud straightaway.

Another really great feature is the ability to anonymously report friends you’re worried about — for example, if you suspect someone is in danger of harming themselves.


Instagram will get in touch with the person you reported and offer various services to help them through hard times. This is a huge step forward for mental health awareness.

Last but not least is the ability to block followers on private accounts. Maybe you let Aunt Marge follow you a while back but you just don’t want her to see your pics anymore. Now you can simply tap the “…” next to her name and poof! No more snooping.

These are the features that are coming out ASAP, but Instagram has also promised a feature that we aren’t sure why it wasn’t implemented from the get-go: hearting individual comments. Um, yes please and thank you.

What new features do you love most? What are you looking forward to or hoping to see? Tell us @BritandCo!

(Feature photo via Dougal Waters/Getty)