Say goodbye to your scanner. Oh, wait — you already did? Yeah, us too and yet there’s still a stack of things we want to capture in the cloud and then immortalize on the Internet. Namely, we want every photo taken pre-Instagram digitized so we can craft thoughtful gifts for friends and family each birthday, anniversary and beyond… and, yeah, so we can always have the right pic to post each + every Throwback Thursday.

We recently got our hands on Heirloom, a just-launched app that’s the key to making those memories actually last forever. Foreals this time. We, like probably all of you, have resorted to making it work with the occasional smartphone snap on a weekend trip home to mom’s, but be serious. That is some low quality ish that you and your Instagram followers are just better than.

Heirloom is an easy-to-use app that elevates photo scanning via smartphone so that your beautiful memories are treated as such on their journey to your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Using Heirloom, you take a picture of a photo and it finds your photo. Like, really, like, no need to spend minutes lining up your photo in a box that keeps disappearing. The app’s edge detection is flawless; you snap a picture and it finds it and crops it to the right size and it’s saved in all of its high res glory. There’s some serious genius behind this simple, but oh-so-essential action thanks to cutting edge technology normally reserved for motion graphics. Heirloom founder Eric Owski recruited Willi Geiger, who lead computer graphics teams on major blockbuster films for the last 13 years to turn Heirloom’s scanning function into something worthy of taking care of your special effects.

With Heirloom, you could go through every one of mom’s carefully organized albums, grandma’s chest of old school black + whites and any stack of pictures from disposable cameras of proms and school dances past in an afternoon. Once they’re on your phone, you can store them in albums and share socially or with fellow Heirloom users in private, invite-only groups where you can comment about how cute you used to be are. It’s important to note that right now there’s also no storage cap (like with, say, Dropbox’s Carousel) so go crazy.

What better time to DL Heirloom on your smartphone than right before you’re about to head home for Tofurkeyday? We’re giving you permission. Ask your mom too and download the app now for free (!) on iOS and Android.

Have you ever taken on the family photo scanning project? Will you now with Heirloom in your pocket? Share below!