Contrary to Beyoncé’s opinion, Instagram runs our world and now it is about to take over even more of our free time with new updates released today for both iOS and Android. This isn’t any old update — the new bells and whistles will change your ‘gram game as you know it. Get excited.

The company behind everyone’s favorite app knows how much we love to discover inspiring and innovative profiles. No really, apparently 40% of daily users visit the Explore page on an average day — who knew! Well, at least four out of 10 of us. To help us find even more accounts to follow Instagram has made the search bar more prominent and smarter with typeahead search, like predictive text but better.

Another new feature is the People tab on the Explore page. Think of it like checking out your date’s Facebook profile before dinner (and hopefully falling in love). Also, check out the new icon (bye compass, hello magnifying glass!).

Finding new accounts to obsess over is fun and all, but two thing that aren’t are typos and dull captions. With the intro of caption-editing, this update fixes that headache as now you can edit those captions until you (and the grammar police on your page) are satisfied.

These new features excite us so much we’re totally taking a celebratory #selfie.

Stay tuned — we hear there will be even more updates in the future to make it easier to find content on Insta. We’ll be on the edge of our seats (and on our phones) waiting for that announcement.

Which update are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.