There are tons of ways to bring your Instagrams to life. They’re no longer banned to the recesses of your phone’s memory. And after making Insta-wrapping paper and Insta-pillows, you might have thought there were no more things to Instafy. But we bet you never dreamed of Insta-wallpaper. The future is here, and we’re way past simply framing photos. PicMe just took your apartment to the next level.

PicMe’s Multi-Pic Wall Murals, starting at $70, come in two-foot-wide panels, with each photo measuring at eight by eight inches. You can choose a different photo for each spot, or choose to let the photos repeat if you’re not too keen on picking out 200 or more Instagrams.

Each panel has a self-adhesive back that’s re-stickable in case you mess it up. The adhesive also won’t do any damage to your walls, so if you’re a renter, no worries about losing your deposit. Each order comes with a plastic squeegee so you can get a perfect application every time. They’ve thought of everything at PicMe.

The family-owned business has offices in both Southern California and Australia, and they don’t shy away from custom orders if you have something unique you’d like wrapped in all your best Instagram shots. An Instagrammed bookcase, perhaps? We like the idea of papering your office in all your best vacation snaps for a constant reminder of what you’re working toward.

Be warned: Every social gathering at your place will turn into a trip down memory lane. And we don’t recommend using only photos of your pet, unless your pet is as cute as these.

Do you have a piece of furniture or room that begs to be Instafied? Tell us about it in the comments!