12 Best Instagrams for Awesome Career Advice
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12 Best Instagrams for Awesome Career Advice

You’re hardworking, ambitious and fully focussed on developing your career. All you need is a little pep talk now and then, a motivational quote or two and a friend who shares the highs and lows of a work/life balance. Don’t worry, we get it. These 12 Instagram accounts have all the career inspiration you need, from top photographers making money from the world’s most beautiful vistas to comedians and celebrities making you laugh with their witty one-liners about glass ceilings. Scroll on for some major #girlboss inspo.

1. @laurenepbath: Known as Australia’s first professional Instagrammer, Lauren Bath has forged a career from Instagram photography, using it as a tool for destination marketing for the tourism industry. Lauren combines her three passions — travel, photography and social media — to create some beautiful imagery.

2. @BossBabe.INC: Join this fun and fearless community of #bossbabes for daily motivational quotes from entrepreneur Alexandra Wolf and her team of millennial business women. Alex’s understanding of social trends has attracted a huge following with inspirational and empowering quotes like “Do business with people who inspire you” and “Respect yourself and watch how fast others do the same.”

3. @HerAgenda: Her Agenda’s Instagram feed not only features quotes from powerful women, but it also includes career tips, opportunities and recommended reads for modern businesswomen. Their website was also recognized as one of the top sites for women by Forbes Magazine.

4. @LevoLeague: Featured on Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN, Levo League’s refreshing motto “We’re all in this together” has inspired thousands of men and women to achieve their career goals. Whether it be a motivational celebrity, home office inspiration or ideas for a healthy workplace, Levo’s feed is useful, relatable and an essential source for career advice.

5. @BettyMagazine: At 28, Charlotte Jacklin is one of the fashion industry’s youngest magazine editors. Betty Magazine started with humble beginnings as a small university zine, but now it graces the shelves of stores from London to Japan. The magazine’s Instagram feed is a sea of bold + colorful photographs with images from the magazine’s new careers series The Girls Club, where industry experts share their insider expertise.

6. @IvankaTrump: Daughter of a supreme business mogul, Ivanka has stepped outside her father’s shadow and juggles her busy life as a mother, wife and master entrepreneur. Her Instagram feed is accessible and informative and reveals Ivanka’s sense of humor. She might enjoy the finer things in life, but Ivanka still promotes female empowerment via her hashtag #womenwhowork and encourages followers to “use their career potential to the fullest.”

7. @SaraHillMakeup: The mastermind behind Sara Hill Makeup, this makeup artist/art director-turned-magazine editor has over 17 years experience in the fashion industry. With celebrity clients including Kanye West, Emeli Sande, Grace Jones and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley under her belt, Sara’s empire continues to grow with her latest venture to find the perfect natural foundation for every skin tone. Follow Sara on Instagram for behind-the-scenes pictures and inspirational makeup looks.

8. @Heather_Crabtree: When time is running on overdrive and there aren’t enough hours in the day, sometimes we just need to hear “You got this.” Champion of artistic empowerment Heather Crabtree is a coach specializing in mentoring small creative businesses. Her feed is full of colorful quotes, funny one-liners, Pinterest-worthy shots and pictures from around the web celebrating her favorite makers, like this photo from @graceandserendipity.

9. @RachelRyle: Creative illustrator Rachel Ryle takes animated illustration to a completely new level. With nearly 500k followers, this is a storyteller with a difference. From pretty flowers blooming beneath watering cans to happy birthday balloons bursting from gift boxes, you’ll be amazed by Rachel’s clever and quirky animations.

10. @balletbeautiful: Dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful Mary Helen Bowers juggles motherhood with her work as a ballerina and trainer at her own fitness business. Marvel at Mary’s perfect poise and beautifully scenic rooftop shots with tutus and ruffles floating in the wind. Leading the movement in ballet-inspired fitness, Mary has inspired thousands of women with her mix of dance and athletic workouts. And as trainer to Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, this is one Instagrammer we can’t help but fall in love with.

11. @careergirldaily: Career Girl Daily is an inspiring online community for young, career-minded women. As an online magazine for “Career girls in heels,” it has become an ultimate destination for career, fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice. With 7,000+ unique visitors a day and 500,000 page views per month, CDG continues to motivate young women around the globe.

12. @amypoehlersmartgirls: Everywhere you look at the moment, actress and comedian Amy Poehler is popping up with her witty one-liners and honest humor. We love the Instagram account she created with TV friend Meredith Walker with the mantra “Because you change the world by being yourself!” Who could argue with Amy’s infectious enthusiasm, positive energy and celebrity-filled feed?

Are you feeling inspired already? Any great motivational and empowering Instagrams that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!