Every day, we get closer and closer to having better representation of diversity in tech. We aren鈥檛 quite there yet, but there鈥檚 been a BIG update that we can鈥檛 believe took this long. We already know that the emoji diversity game lags far behind what we鈥檙e seeing in the world (it鈥檚 just within the past few months that working women were added!) but, starting today, you can now use emoji to represent interracial couples.


Yeah, seriously, it鈥檚 a thing that wasn鈥檛 possible until now. The new emoji represent a wide range of diverse couples 鈥 even same-sex, interracial couples. Woot woot!聽Unfortunately, the interracial couples aren鈥檛 part of the Unicode Consortium鈥檚 official emoji pack (the standard emoji that everybody has).

They鈥檙e part of a promotion for the movie聽Loving,聽out in theaters in November.聽The movie is about Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple who had to fight for their right to be married all the way to the Supreme Court in 1967. Because of their legal battles, a law in Virginia that prohibited interracial marriage was overturned. We think there鈥檚 no better 21st century way to honor the couple鈥檚 struggle than by normalizing representation of interracial couples.

The stickers are available for download on iOS and Android. Your move, Unicode.

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Loving Emoji)