If you’re preggo, then you’ll be happy to hear that, among the 72 new emoji that have recently been announced, an expecting lady is still among the bunch. If you, on the other hand, happen to have a career that you love or a sport that you excel at, you’re still SOL.

Despite the fact that women use emoji more than men do (78 percent of women report using emojis frequently, compared to 60 percent of men, according to emogi), and although there have been various attempts and campaigns aimed at having more inclusive emoji brought on board, the tiny pics are still largely bro-centered.

pregnant emoji

This obviously isn’t going over well with women who are avid texters. “Emojis are quickly becoming an important part of how we communicate, which makes the fight for inclusivity more important than a cause célèbre among the politically correct,” says Slate, adding, “It’s an attempt to make an increasingly relied upon language reflect the world it is being used to describe.”

If you don’t want your friends to accidentally think you’re having a baby, or if you’re not, um, Mrs. Claus, your options for self-representation are a little restricted.

Since emoji might actually speak louder than words these days, you may want to go ahead and create your own animated emoji character, just like Kim K.

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(h/t Slate, photos via Emojipedia, Mixmike/iStock)