At Brit + Co. we’re always looking for more ways to help you find and create projects that you’ll love. Today, when you update your Brit + Co. iOS app, you’ll see three major changes: favorite posts synced across mobile and desktop, the Brit + Co. Shop on mobile, and a fun new way to find posts.

Starting today, it’s even easier to discover and save your favorite projects and ideas. By logging into Brit + Co. with your Facebook account or email address, favorite posts will be synced across all your devices and attached to your new user profile. Next time you find that must-try recipe while catching up on at work (our little secret), simply favorite the post. Then when you’re in the kitchen browsing recipes on your iPad, visit your favorites and voilà — your recipe is saved and ready to go.

Now you can buy your favorite project kits, Brit Kit subscriptions, and other must-haves directly from your phone or tablet. The shopping cart icon in the top right-hand corner takes you directly to the Brit + Co. Shop, where you can browse and buy.

We’ve also added an element of surprise to the way you discover new projects, recipes, and technologies. Open the app and give it a quick shake. We’ll surface a random article from our archive at the top of the page. You can also try this trick in each of our content categories.

Before this release, favorites were stored locally on your iPhone’s hard drive. This means that if you ever lost or broke your phone, your favorites would be gone forever! But, thanks to this week’s handy dandy release, you can now create a profile on Brit + Co. where your favorites will be stored safe and sound on our servers. And guess what else? We’ll automagically move your existing favorites to your new profile once you create an account. So easy!

As always, our readers are what makes Brit + Co. so special. Share your feedback on the new updates in the comments below. When you’re not on Brit + Co, don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.