We use the iPhone for plenty of things. Like making GIFs, texting all the emoji, scrolling through our fave apps and filling up that camera roll with photos. When it comes to that last action, some iPhone 6 Plus users may be struggling as their iPhone鈥檚 camera is producing blurry images. Definitely not Instagram-worthy moments happening for those people. Good news for those of you on the poor quality struggle bus, Apple鈥檚 got a fix for you 鈥 a free camera replacement.

iSight Camera Replacement Program iPhone 6 Plus

That鈥檚 right, if your iPhone 6 Plus is suffering from blurry photo syndrome from the rear camera and you bought that iOS device between September 2014 and January 2015 this is what you鈥檝e gotta do to upgrade it for free. Head to Apple鈥檚 support page, enter your iPhone鈥檚 serial number and if the serial number is considered one of the phone鈥檚 with the faulty camera you鈥檒l be getting a camera replacement for free. To get that fix you can either head to an Apple store, an authorized service provider or chat online with technical support.

Before you know it your camera will be back to HD Instagram photos.

Has your iPhone 6 Plus been experiencing blurry camera problems (or other issues)? Share what kind of problems have been going down on your iOS device in the comments.

(Photo via Apple)