We look at our phone for countless minutes out of the day. Naturally, it’s pretty easy to get bored of your iPhone case, no matter how much you love it when you buy it. So instead of shelling out more cash every time you’re in the mood for change, try this super easy DIY! Just grab a clear plastic phone case, and print out a temporary cover to stick inside. It’s that easy! We rounded up 20 printable covers from around the web to get you started, but feel free to get creative and make your own.

1. Pretty Patterns: We’re loving these monochromatic patterns. Just pick your favorite color and go! (via See That There)

2. Bright Watercolors: These watercolors are insanely bright and fun. All your friends and coworkers will be begging to know where you got your unique artwork :) (via Dabbles and Babbles)

3. Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why: they make a bold statement, especially this abstract color blocked version. (via See That There)

4. Whimsical Covers: What does the fox say? Whatever you want — it’s on your phone, after all. (via Being Geek Chic)

5. Repeating Patterns: These unique patterns may not perfectly match anything you wear, but they’re a perfect candidate for combining with your fave patterned dress! (via Love Design Life)

6. Various Interchangeable Patterns: Got patterns on the brain? From polka dots to plaid, these covers have you… well, covered. (via Dabbles and Babbles)

7. Wood and Colors: This look combines several of our favorite trends: woodgrain, stripes and color blocking. We might be in love. (via See That There)

8. Black and White: Looking to go the simple route? Hit up this black and white chevron and go ahead and add your monogram. (via Design Editor)

9. Colorblocked Patterns: This color palette is simply to die for. The empty white spaces really make the vibrant colors pop. (via Jones Design Company)

10. Wedding Cases: Perfect for the whole bridal party, these phone cases are a fun and practical gift, especially if the bride needs to pass off her phone during the prep. (via Something Turquoise)

11. Faux Wood: Wood tech-accessories are gorgeous, but they can get a little pricey. Try out the look for cheap with this printable! (via The 36th Avenue)

12. Watercolors: This sophisticated look would add a pop of color to a simple white or black outfit. (via See That There)

13. Autumn Designs: These are technically fall designs, but we’re loving the subtle colors all year long. Although they do make us crave a pumpkin spice latte… (via Jones Design Company)

14. Quirky Cases: Um, how great is that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference? We definitely know some ’90s girls who would love this one. (via Being Geek Chic)

15. Nautical Covers: It’s summertime and the living is easy. Let your phone get in on the water-y fun without having to replace it :) (via Jones Design Company)

16. Geo Skull: This might be the chic-est skull we’ve ever seen. We’re totally digging the color vibes here. (via Maiko Nagao)

17. Geeky Cases: Of course we had to throw a little retro tech into the mix. After all, who doesn’t want to relive their Game Boy days? (via The Stylish Geek)

18. Bright Patterns: Gorgeous colors? Check. Interesting patterns? Of course. These definitely deserve a double take. (via See That There)

19. Tribal Patterns: These tribal-inspired patterns are totally on trend and insanely gorgeous. Don’t go to your next music festival without one of these! (via Maiko Nagao)

20. Yellow Retro Phone: Gotta love the mix of retro graphics on your new school tech. The softness of the yellow just adds to the vintage feel. (via Jones Design Company)

How do you upgrade your phone case without breaking the bank? Share your DIY ideas in the comments below and your best pics over on Facebook.