We’ve got it bad for tech-cessories: the colorful ones, the clever ones, and, today, the wooden ones. Bringing natural elements to the world of gadgetry has been trending for the last few years, and now there are all sorts of lovely ways to infuse a love of nature with your addiction to tech. Here are 15 such techie wooden objects we love. And we think Mr. Woodchuck from Full House wood, er… would definitely approve.

1. Wooden Earbuds ($80): First up, earbuds! Sport rustic style on your commute, at your desk, or on your next run.

2. Orée Touch Slab ($200): We were obsessed with the company Orée the moment we came across it! And this is the product that caught our eyes. It’s a multi-touch trackpad that also serves as a numerical keyboard made from a single piece of maple or walnut. It works with any device equipped with Bluetooth.

3. Wooden USB Mouse ($94): Speaking of mice, this quirky little fella totally looks like there’s an emoticon face on your mouse!

4. Painted Wood iPhone 4/4S Case ($40): Geometric patterns, colorful lines, and wood? +1.

5. Wooden Kitchen Tablet Stand ($29): Inspired by wooden slab-style cutting boards, this tablet stand is a great way to bring tech into the kitchen without losing style points.

6. Areaware Alarm Dock for iPhone 5 ($38): A now-oldie but a goodie, this alarm dock turns your phone into an old fashioned flip clock.

7. Wood Speaker ($40): This itty bitty speaker is made of beach and boasts big sound. Charge the device via USB for at least two hours and you’ll have five hours of party time.

8. Wood Color Blocked Flash Drive ($34): Even though we love floating in the cloud, flash drives are still terribly handy so they might as well look good too.

9. Walnut Pivot Amplifier ($75): The art of the powerless amplifier is becoming more and more refined over the years. This beaut is a great example of how a perfectly crafted slab of wood goes a long (and loud) way.

10. Wooden Portable Charger ($60): Daaaang! Now that is a handsome portable charger if we’ve ever seen one.

11. Orée Keyboard ($200): This portable wireless keyboard works with tablets, smartphones, and any computer equipped with Bluetooth. You can specify keyboard layout by country, computer, select between maple and walnut, and can even specify what font you want to see on your keys. Oh, and you can add custom text! So cool.

12. Wooden MacBook Keyboard Decals ($40): No need for a separate keyboard? Go for these lovely wooden decals instead!

13. Wood Camera iPhone Case ($42): Pretend your iPhone is a camera made of wood? Why not!

14. Areaware Radio Dock ($40): Another Areaware creation, this doc mimics an old school radio with a specially designed public radio app allowing you to choose your seven favorite stations, just like a traditional radio.

15. Wooden Device Organizer ($21): And finally, a place to keep not one, not two, but FOUR devices on your desk, nightstand, or counter. Organization win!

What do you think of the wooden tech trend? Talk to us in the comments below.