Jennifer Lopez made it perfectly clear that younger men are not off limits when she hooked up with Drake, a dude who鈥檚 17 years her junior. But now that their sitch has fizzled, it looks like a new one might be about to start sizzling. That鈥檚 because Jenny from the block could now be eyeing Harry Styles romantically 鈥 at least if her recent interview with Ellen is any indicator!

Jennifer Lopez

When 47-year-old Lopez sat down with the talk show host for a game of 鈥淲ho鈥檇 You Rather,鈥 things started off with a bang when the options given were Harry Styles or Zac Efron. (How can one even make such a choice?!) Well, it was pretty easy for Lopez. 鈥淚t鈥檚 funny 鈥檆ause I could do either,鈥 she admitted before revealing, 鈥淧robably a couple years ago I would鈥檝e said Zac Efron, but today I鈥檓 going to say Harry Styles.鈥 Oh, my!

But that wasn鈥檛 all: The singer then continued to make the same choice, over and over again. Nick Jonas? The Weeknd? Brad Pitt? Prince Harry?! No one could compete with Styles.

Harry Styles

As for the fact that Harry鈥檚 only 23, Lopez does concede,鈥淗e鈥檚 a little bit young for me.鈥 But earlier, while discussing age within relationships, Lopez shared her thoughts, saying, 鈥淚f there鈥檚 somebody older, they鈥檙e older. If they鈥檙e younger, they鈥檙e younger. It doesn鈥檛 matter. It鈥檚 just whether or not I鈥檓 attracted to them or not 鈥 attracted to their spirit, their soul, whatever, their energy.鈥

Fair enough. We have to wonder what Harry Styles thinks about Jennifer Lopez鈥檚 鈥渟pirit, soul, and energy.鈥

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(h/t MTV, photos via Steve Granitz + Crowder/Legge/Getty)