Finding invitations and cards that say exactly the right thing can be difficult. Now with J.Crew’s newest collaboration, it can be a lot more fun. The cheeky, chic style that J.Crew is known for is now available in… stationery?!

Oh yeah. The stylish clothing brand has paired up with e-stationery site Paperless Post to create a line of cards and invitations that are sure to make your friends RSVP: Yes. With both digital and old-fashioned print options, J.Crew x Paperless Post has created over 40 prints to meet your needs! From the next party you’re planning to birthdays and other occasions, they have you hooked up with e-greetings and invites.

Your party is, of course, the most exclusive place to be, and your friends are totally on the list, but just make sure they know for sure. In style!

We’re used to thinking “fashion” when we think J.Crew, but through this collaboration we’re going to have to add “comedy” to the list.

Pick from a range of punny party invites (like one of our faves, “parties are always usually a good idea”) that will make your guests LOL when they open them up.

Their chic greeting cards might even encourage you to start sending e-cards like you would letters. And if you want to print out the real deal, most are under $2.

There really is a card for everything — from “Sorry… That was definitely my low blood sugar talking.” to “Thinking of you. But not in a creepy stalker kind of way.” J.Crew x Paperless post has a sassy way to say even the most difficult things.

So who are YOU going to send your first J.Crew card to?! Which of these is your favorite? Let us know below!