Though ‘90s style trends have been back in a big way for a while, they hadn’t quite reached our nails yet… that is, until now. Jelly nails are the latest trend to take over your Instagram feed, and they’ll remind you not only of the jelly sandals but also those neon inflatable chairs that every cool kid coveted.

As you rock your tiny sunglasses, bucket hats, and scrunchies, complete your nostalgic look with this sweet, and totally wearable throwback nail art. Achieving the look seems surprisingly easy, although how practical they are for everyday life remains to be seen.

“To create jelly nails, a technician paints the nail area opaque, then adds translucent acrylic extensions to make them look like see-through,” nail guru Emma Zentner of Boom Nails told The Guardian. You can also buy clear press-on nails and paint them with the color or design of your choice.

The nail art is surprisingly versatile (if not a bit bonkers!), with plenty of beauty lovers trying different shapes, colors, and even adding embellishments like rhinestones and glitter, because, why not? Here are a few of our favorites so far.

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Tropical Jelly icicles 🍒✨💕

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1. Tropical Jelly Paradise: These rainbow-hued sparkly tips scream summer in the best way.

2. Neon Pink Perfection: The most stylish way to rock a highlighter-bright hue these days.

3. Fruit-Infused Tips: For juicy nails that will bring you right back to your Clueless days.

4. Glam Powerpuff Girls Nails: Everyone’s favorite ’90s cartoon got the reboot treatment in 2016, so what better way to celebrate than by a Powerpuff-inspired mani?

5. Glitter Out of This Galaxy: Because who doesn’t want their nail art to be seen from the sun?

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(Photo via fabbys_nails/Instagram; icynailsx/Instagram)