If there is anyone who should be able to lie their way through customs it should be an Oscar-winning actress. However, that was not the case when Jennifer Lawrence was faced with the task. While making an appearance on the UK talk show Graham Norton, Lawrence shared a story (in this exclusive clip) about a time when she was instructed to lie her way into England. And like most IRL scenarios J. Law is involved in, it went hilariously and disastrously wrong.


She told Graham when she was auditioning for the first X-Men movie she needed to travel to the UK. However, her passport was expiring within six months (a major customs no-no FYI), and so she was told to lie and say she was there not for work but for pleasure. As she recalls the story, she says, “I’m working myself up so much in the line, like okay I just have to have a backstory and I have to believe it.” Classic actress move.

However, when she got up to the customs officer she told them she was there for her brother’s wedding. When the officer asked where it was, if she had an invite and eventually if she was telling the truth she burst out, “No, no! I’m here for work and I don’t have a work visa and my passport expires and I’m not even supposed to be here!” Whoops, don’t think you sold that one so well, Jen. After that, she says she was put in a “tiny little jail for like five hours” while they called her employer.

As someone who has also personally been detained at UK customs, I can attest to Jen’s story in that the folks at UK customs are NOT messing around. Check your passports people, because those tiny little jails are scary!

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(Photo via Craig Barritt/Getty)