It鈥檚 not hard to imagine why being married to Justin Timberlake is a total dream, but according to Jessica Biel, it鈥檚 more than just raising an adorable child together, dressing up as a family of trolls, and eating weird things in the shower. In fact, there鈥檚 a very good reason why her relationship with one of the most famous men in the world works, and she just shared her secret to success.

Jessica Biel Happy Marriage With Justin Timberlake

Chatting about all aspects of her life, including her nearly five-year marriage (something she鈥檚 usually pretty private about), Biel revealed that it鈥檚 the similarities she shares with Timberlake that keep them together. 鈥淲e have similar values; we believe in loyalty, honesty,鈥 the 35-year-old actress told Marie Claire in the interview.

But it鈥檚 not just their common beliefs that ensure a happy marriage. 鈥淲e like to have fun. We like a lot of the same things,鈥 she added.

And from the looks of their social media accounts, those things include spending time together as an absolutely adorable family, whether bundled up at the beach or holding hands while riding bikes side by side.

Of course, when you鈥檙e balancing a marriage with parenthood AND two very active careers, it isn鈥檛 always easy. 鈥淸In] the business, we鈥檙e all very career-oriented, and you have to be a little selfish. I understand that about my peers 鈥 about being focused and driven 鈥 and if you can find that and someone who shares the same values as you, it鈥檚 like: Score!鈥 she told Marie Claire. Score, indeed!

Opposites may sometimes attract, but it looks like it鈥檚 the similarities that are the key to this particular couple鈥檚 marital success.

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