JK Rowling is fast becoming the Queen of Twitter. She has always been very outspoken in her beliefs, and is a wizard of taking down trolls online. We’re used to seeing the Harry Potter writer giving major shade to folks who exhibit bad online behavior, but a recent user’s ode to the author had her reminding fans that she’s very much alive and would like us all to stop talking about her death, thank you very much.

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Rowling was tagged in a post by a fan who’d created a meme using the author’s photo. The meme basically says that fans will be heartbroken the day that she dies. While no one likes to think of their death in any specific terms, JK let people know that she was not here to see this nonsense.

Apparently, this didn’t stop fans for continuing to discuss the author’s eventual demise, which she (rightfully) asked them to stop. She finally said, “Seriously, tweet whatever you like. I just don’t want to be tagged in on the funeral plans. It’s… weird.” It is weird to talk about a stranger’s death, to be honest, and we’re not sure why people continued to bring it up while tagging Rowling.

For the most part, the author continues to be a vocal supporter of refugee rights and posts optimistic and hopeful content on her Twitter account. Hopefully, people will stop tagging her when they talk about her eventual death.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; photos via Jim Spellman/Getty)