2016 may have been a total, er, crapstorm, but there were definitely some golden moments, especially for Potterheads. We got The Cursed Child, wherein we were gifted with a glorious extended epilogue to the sacred seven tomes, and we got to see a tiny bit of backstory to the whole Grindelwald-Dumbledore sitch. And then J.K. dropped the bomb that we鈥檒l be getting FOUR MORE Beasts movies because she鈥檚 a goddess like that. We鈥檙e also getting a TV show based on J.K.鈥檚 alter ego Robert Galbraith鈥檚 Cormoran Strike series, starring Holliday 鈥 wait for it 鈥 Grainger. Could that name BE any more perfect?

J.K. Rowling

ANYWAY. We have been graced with more of Rowling鈥檚 generosity just in time for Christmas with her new website, which is set on her desk and has knickknacks that actually go live on her desk. It covers everything from news and opinion pieces to info about all of her books (yes, even Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages, and Beedle the Bard) and a hidden section where she plans to debunk and denounce things in the future. We won鈥檛 tell you where the magic button is for that, because we don鈥檛 want to spoil ALL the fun. The site also has a great FAQ section, and answers a burning question we鈥檝e all had since Chamber of Secrets.

Since J.K.鈥檚 also been quite active on Twitter this year, it鈥檚 no surprise that fans take to the social media site first when they have questions for her. In response to one panicked fan, she said that she is in fact working on not one but TWO new books 鈥 one as RG and one as JKR, though she鈥檚 not sure which will be released first. Whew!

Unfortunately, that new JKR book won鈥檛 be about Newt. But we can鈥檛 be too upset since we鈥檙e still getting four more movies, and hopefully the screenplays for those as well!

We hope that Rowling continues to write for a long time, and we will cherish every printed word, but Harry Potter is where it all began, and we will love it forever. One Twitter user put it best:

Ditto, Aishvarya. Ditto.

Are you looking forward to JKR/RG鈥檚 new books? Are you excited for the TV show and more movies?! Tell us @britandco!

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