Kaitlyn Bristowe may be looking toward her past by revealing a fact that could鈥檝e totally changed The Bachelor history, but she also has plenty of plans for her future, which first include freezing her eggs to take control of her reproductive plans. Her second plan includes still wanting to do Dancing With the Stars, despite a certain sticky situation.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Earlier this year, Bristowe claimed that she had previously signed a contract for DWTS but was told that she wasn鈥檛 allowed to appear by The Bachelor and The Bachelorette producer Mike Fleiss. Reeling over the fact that plenty of male stars from the show have gone on to compete on the fellow ABC reality series, she publicly wondered why the women were being prevented from doing the same.

However, despite this very visible he-said/she-said kinda dispute (Fleiss responded by saying that Bristowe has his 鈥渢otal support if she wants to appear on DWTS!!!鈥), the 31-year-old former dance instructor and the daughter of a ballet dancer is still up for the gig.

Discussing the situation during her new Off the Vine podcast, Bristowe told fans she鈥檇 definitely jump on the chance to appear on the DWTS stage, saying, 鈥淒ancing is, honestly, it鈥檚 a passion of mine,鈥 though she also admitted, 鈥淚鈥檝e never done ballroom dancing, so that would be very new to me.鈥

And when it comes to the possibility of the show also casting her fianc茅 Shawn Booth (who proposed to Bristowe during the eleventh season of The Bachelorette), she admits, 鈥淚 think he鈥檇 be so supportive and I think it鈥檇 be fun,鈥 though she added, 鈥渂ut I also don鈥檛 think they鈥檒l do that.鈥

They may not be willing to cast BOTH Bristowe and Booth, but we鈥檒l keep our fingers crossed that the former might be taking the DWTS stage eventually, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Jason Kempin/Getty)