It feels like the more tech-savvy we get, the more nostalgia-obsessed we become. Today’s millennials love the instant gratification of texting and FaceTime, sure, but we also can’t resist trends of past, like Polaroids and vintage fashion. This dichotomy of high-tech vs. retro explains how keeping in touch with long-distance friends can be a beautiful harmony of FaceTime and snail mail. Use these seven creative ideas to keep your bestie checking her email inbox and her real-life mailbox.

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1. Ink Cards: This incredible app uses your own photos and words to create and send beautiful, high-quality postcards right from your phone. You can even set reminders to send cards for birthdays, anniversaries and special events. Being everyone’s most thoughtful friend is that easy — and cheap — at only $2 per domestic postcard.

2. Groovebook: If you and your BFF *would* be sending each other millions of pictures if not for international roaming data, look no further than Groovebook. It’s an app that allows you to choose pictures each month that are then printed in a handy little flipbook for just $3. It’s the new Snapchat!

3. Go for the OG chic stationery. Did you know that domestic stamps start at 35 cents and international stamps are as cheap as $1.15?! At that price, sending letters across the US or to different countries is a breeze. While there are many creative ways to send mail, you can never go wrong with a long, thoughtful letter you slip into the dropbox yourself.

4. Find funny cards. Etsy shops like Smarty Pants Paper Co sell hilarious, clever cards that are sure to encapsulate you and your bestie’s sense of humor. Now, no matter how far away they might be, they still can’t escape your jokes.

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5. Compile your little moments. The hardest part about being away from your best friend is missing out on little everyday stories and goings-on. Get her back in the loop by journaling one moment, joke or thought per day on some fun stationery. After a while, you’ll have a little journal — and she’ll get a log of how your life is really going.

6. The2Buds Postcard Backing: These DIY adhesive postcard backs can transform anything into an adorable piece of mail. Stick them on pictures, a menu from their favorite restaurant or concert tickets to send off a keepsake and message, all in one. They start at $6 for a pack of 10.

7. Send them postcards from home. Sure, you can use postcards from places you visit to communicate with friends while they’re back home. That doesn’t mean these postcards can’t be used the other way around! If your bestie moved far away for college or a job, they’re probably homesick. Send a postcard from your hometown to share a little slice of their roots.

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