Though Kendall Jenner may have deleted her Instagram account a week ago, saying she needed a digital detox, it looks likes she’s feeling refreshed enough for a return. Though, it’s not what we expected. While Kendall’s super popular account (we’re talking almost 70 million followers and the most-viewed Instagram pic EVER) is usually all about herself, her monumental modeling career and her fab lifestyle, her return was all about snapping pics of other people.

German Vogue by @luigiandiango

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Is this Kendall furthering her photography career aspirations? Perhaps! And if so, she definitely has an eye for snazzy snaps. Take a peek!

shy boy by me

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Apparently taken during a night out with friends, Kendall captioned the first pic with, “shy boy by me.”

happy by me

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Along with, “happy by me.”

return of the mack by me

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And finally, “return of the mack by me.”

Kendall herself may not have made an appearance during her Insta return, but we definitely love seeing pics from her perspective.

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